Relief news update from China - 28 Dec 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from China.
On November 2, a 5.0-magnitude earthquake struck China’s Binchuan and Xiangyun counties of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, injuring 28 people. Some 280,000 people from less fortunate backgrounds were affected as 30,000 homes were damaged and more than 1,000 collapsed.

Meanwhile, four primary schools in Binchuan villages were damaged, forcing students to live and study in portable buildings.Upon hearing the situation, Supreme Master Ching Hai immediately donated a total of US$35,000 in aid to the most desperate and to help rebuild the schools.

This amount could acquire US$277,000 in essential supplies, if purchased in the United States, based on China’s cost of living.After conducting initial emergency relief work in Binchuan, our Association’s local relief team consulted the local government about the reconstruction of the schools and were able to provide US$19,000 to aid (RMB130,000) in the rebuilding that had begun on four new schools.

They also provided funds for supplies such as books and pens and gave cash assistance to the four most desperate students at two of the schools. The teachers and students were moved to tears and were reluctant to part from our Association members. The relief team then went to visit a home for the elderly in Pingchuan, where they offered cash assistance to aid homeless seniors who were staying there. In a wish to recognize Supreme Master Ching Hai’s benevolent endeavors, the Binchuan County Government presented the relief team with a Certificate of Honor along with a special invitation to visit the schools after their construction was completed.

The local officials also invited our Association members to a veg dinner that night, which was warmly accepted. We thank the local Chinese officials for their initiatives to aid in the recovery of the quake-affected residents.

We are also grateful for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s thoughtful assistance to the vulnerable, and for our Association members’ sincere efforts to help.

Wishing the Chinese people a swift road to complete recuperation and that our planetary protection may be ensured through humanity’s more giving stewardship on Earth.