Relief news update from Iran - 6 Jan 2010  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Iran.
On the morning of November 5, a 4.9-magnitude earthquake shook the southern Iranian province of Hormozgān, injuring up to 700 people, with some requiring hospitalization.

Conveying her tears of sadness and prayers for the afflicted, Supreme Master Ching Hai quickly offered US$15,000 for urgent items, asking that our native Association members please go to help the most desperate.

This amount could obtain US$55,000 in supplies, if bought in the United States, based on Iran’s cost of living. Our Association’s nearest relief team went immediately to the most stricken regions in Bandar Abbas County and found that while the victims had adequate daily necessities, they worried about repairing their damaged homes.

Cash contributions were thus made to 43 families, along with gifts of candies and SOS flyers describing the needed vegan solution for the planet’s balance. The recipients expressed their joy and gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai.

We join in appreciation for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s unconditional aid for the quake-affected, and also thank our Association’s relief team for their efforts. May the Iranian people be swiftly restored to the safety of their day-to-day lives as we strive for greater benevolence to stabilize our ecosphere.