Relief news update from Haiti - 25 Jan 2010  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Haiti.
Having confirmed 111,481 fatalities and 193,000 people injured from the earthquake on January 12, the Haitian government formally concluded the search and rescue phase on Saturday, as some 609,000 survivors were relocated to tented village shelters outside the stricken capital of Port-au-Prince.

Amid glimmers of life returning to the devastated capital, the United Nations noted continued gradual improvements in the distribution of aid as peacekeepers stepped up relief efforts in smaller towns outside the capital city, which was largely the focus thus far.

New financial pledges and further material supplies have been sent, such as rice from Thailand, water and power generating equipment from Venezuela, and food and shelter materials from the United Arab Emirates.
British vegan celebrity Heather Mills launched a charity to provide prosthetics to the countless victims who had lost limbs. A team of veterinary experts representing the animal protection group Humane Society International arrived in Haiti to bring much needed supplies to lessen the suffering of injured and displaced animal victims.

Upon knowing of the initial devastating quake, Supreme Master Ching Hai had conveyed her deep condolences and prayers as she requested our Association members to go help the most desperately afflicted, such as the bereaved, the orphaned and the injured without caregivers.

She also asked that the relief teams supply medical care for the wounded, especially those in need of surgery. A combined donation of US$156,000 from Supreme Master Ching Hai and our Association members has facilitated the purchase of emergency supplies valued at US$5.7 million if acquired in the United States, based on Haiti’s cost of living.

The relief team has also been providing medical care to victims in Port-au-Prince, who expressed their deep gratitude, saying that the aid had been much needed, and requesting our Association members to stay longer.

Doctors of the World surgeon, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (M): There is an important quantity of supplies that for the time-being is trapped in Santo Domingo. We are waiting for them but until that time we are very glad and we appreciate very much working with you and your supplies.

Sonapi hospital manager, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (M): Thank you. I want to thank everybody for that. That was a very good thing. You helped the people of Haiti a lot.

VOICE: As promised to two hospitals in the Dominican Republic, our Association’s relief teams returned there to deliver food and medication. Per the request of Mr. David Canther, President and Founder of Active Community Teams Serving (ACTS) World Relief, they are next going to the Haitian hospital in Carrefour,
west of Port-au-Prince.

The United Nations had informed Mr. Canther that this hospital currently has the largest functions, including three surgery rooms. Arriving as well in Haiti with additional medical supplies is a third relief team of our Association members, including a nurse and two doctors with specially in-demand surgical capabilities.

Our Association’s cooking team is also ready with 400 boxes of vegan food supplies to prepare food for potentially up to 28,000 refugees.

VOICE: Our sincere thanks go to all the nations, organizations and persons contributing their assistance to the victims. We are also grateful for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s loving support and for the diligent efforts of our Association’s relief team. As we pray for the swift recuperation of the gentle Haitian people, may such tragic circumstances be alleviated through humanity’s shift to gentler, eco-conscious ways.