Relief news update from Haiti - 28 Jan 2010  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Haiti.
The impacts following the massive January 12 earthquake have mounted over the past two weeks, with official estimates of 150,000 people perished, 194,000 injured and 1.5 million who have been forced to live on the streets.

In the most heavily hit capital city of Port-au-Prince, signs of normalcy, such as banks and stores being repaired and reopened, were nevertheless countered by the large groups of people still lacking basic necessities to survive over the coming weeks. We now join Supreme Master Television’s Haitian correspondent.

Haitian Correspondent (M): We’re reporting for Supreme Master Television. We are presently in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, where the people really need help, where people don’t have water or anything to eat, where people are really in need of medicines.

Victim (M):In Haiti, we need help now.

VOICE: Since the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been deeply concerned for the afflicted people, and in addition to an initial US$40,000 donation, asked that our Association’s relief team go to help the vulnerable, especially those in need of surgery and vital medical treatment.

With additional contributions from our Association members that continue to rise, the total donation is currently more than US$190,000, an amount that could purchase US$6.9 million in essential supplies, if bought in the United States, based on Haiti’s cost of living.

With nearly all members covering their own travel expenses, our Association’s relief teams have been working together to provide humanitarian relief, medical treatment and vegan meal preparation.

Haitian correspondent (M): So we’re going to be able to help the people who are in need after this terrible earthquake.

VOICE: While our Association’s medical team members have been treating patients in Carrefour, another group began acquiring more supplies in the Dominican Republic and assessing the needs of underserved Haitian areas.

Our Association’s relief team leader shared more details via telephone.
Our Association’s relief team leader (F): We went to search about some information, because they say that in some places they still need doctors and nurses with the Red Cross. They told me that in some places, they have people in the street, some injured people. Nobody care for them. I went there and checked everything about how is their situation there in Port-au-Prince.

VOICE: The vegan food has also been warmly received, in many cases being the only immediate sustenance for hungry relief recipients.

Our Association’s relief team leader (F):
Especially when we give [soy] milk for the children, they said that we almost saved the children here because sometimes they have already days without milk. They send much love to Master.

They say please tell her that she has a big heart and that God bless her; tell her also that they love her, and that they always will remember her.

VOICE: In a response to our Association’s relief work in Haiti, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent the following heartfelt message.

To all relief team members in Haiti,
Words cannot express enough of my gratitude for all your unconditional devotion and help to the victims of the Haitian earthquake. 

It brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart profoundly. 

Their sorrow also weakens my emotion.
 I thank you from the depth of my heart for being there in their hour of need. 
May God bless you.  May God protect the survivors.
With all my love,
Ching Hai ♥♥

VOICE: We are grateful to the Red Cross and other government and civil organizations who continue to provide much-needed support in post-quake Haiti.
We also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for extending her unconditional assistance, and our Association’s relief team for all their efforts. Our prayers for Haiti’s speedy restoration and comfort, and for a peaceful atmosphere worldwide in which tragic events as these are a thing of the past.