Relief news update from Haiti - 30 Jan 2010  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Haiti.
Amid the despair of the 150,000 perished and countless survivors still in need following the destructive January 12 earthquake, a light of hope was seen with the miracle of a 16-year-old Haitian girl who emerged from the rubble, alive 15 days after the original disaster.

Hundreds of thousands who have been rendered homeless are also grateful to God that they have survived. However, the majority are still lacking daily food, shelter, and medical care, both in Port-au-Prince and surrounding regions.

Victim (M): My village is the worst place I see.

Victim (M): The people living there, they need some food. They need rice, they need beans, they need water. They need to see a doctor. They need to go to a hospital. They need so many things.

VOICE: Greatly concerned for the victims, Supreme Master Ching Hai has made several immediate donations that so far total US$60,000, sending our Association’s relief team to help ease people’s suffering, by delivering pain relief as well as surgical and medical care.

Including contributions from our international Association members, the total donation for Haiti’s earthquake relief is currently more than US$237,000, an amount that could acquire US$8.5 million in needed materials if bought in the United States, based on Haiti’s cost of living.

Our Association’s relief team members, most of whom covered their own expenses to travel from the United States, Indonesia and other countries, are working with the Dominican Civil Defense and Haitian Red Cross, to provide much needed post-operative care as well as purchase supplies, prepare vegan meals, and go to underserved locations.

Jude – Red Cross staff (M): People need medication or surgery, children need medication and also psychologists, food and also the equipment to treat water.

VOICE: Per Supreme Master Ching Hai’s request for updates, the following is a report from our Association's relief team in Haiti.

January 28, 2010

Re: Earthquake in Haiti
Most Beloved Master, After gathering much needed medical supplies and foods, additional members from the relief team arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on January 25 and were escorted by Dominican Civil Defense members to the earthquake epicenter in Port-au-Prince.

The medical team had the privilege to work with other volunteers from around the world, as well as Haitians at Diquini Hospital Adventiste, in Carrefour, one of the largest hospitals and among the few facilities still standing after the earthquake.

People are working day and night caring for patients, from infants to elders. Our cooking team was able to provide the first warm, delicious vegan meals for doctors and patients, who until then had been eating only nuts, energy bars and small food rations.

We are also having up to 5,000 pounds of dried soy protein and seasonings, along with rice cookers, burners, woks, and utensils for cooking in volume, shipped to Santo Domingo.

This will allow us also to share food and Master’s love with many refugees staying next to the hospital and more in remote areas as well. In addition, team members treated the injured in several of the tent cities where the need for medical care is so critical. We found out that there were many cases that Haitian people were still waiting for aid.

We will check for more remote areas where help is urgently needed and provide for these brothers and sisters in need. Despite the devastation in this populous city, the Haitian people have been deeply appreciative of Master’s help.
Their resilience shines even in the face of much hardship.
We thank Master for giving us strength and courage to serve. We love you very much.

You are in our thoughts and prayers, always,Relief team in Haiti

Haitian victim (F): Thank you, thank you.

VOICE: Our thankfulness to Supreme Master Ching Hai for allowing us to bring these details to our viewers, as well as our Association’s Foreign Group for sharing this report.

We are grateful to the Red Cross, Dominican Civil Defense, and all emergency personnel for their dedicated help to the Haitian people. We also appreciate Supreme Master Ching Hai’s unconditional support of the most vulnerable and our Association’s relief team’s caring service.

Our prayers that the resilient spirit of the Haitian people are met with Heaven’s protection, as we look forward to the day when the environment is restored through our kinder treatment of all beings.