Relief news update from Haiti - 2 Feb 2010  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Haiti.
Weeks after the severe 7.0-magnitude earthquake wreaked havoc in Port-au-Prince, Haitians are still in dire need of aid. With some 200,000 fatalities and a million people rendered homeless, the Haitian government is now trying to get shelter constructed as quickly as possible as forecasted rains put the refugees at risk of
a public health disaster.

With deep concern for the Haitian people, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent several donations currently totaling US$60,000 as she called on our Association members to please go provide immediate aid, especially to help ease the pain and care for the wounds of vulnerable surgical patients.

Combined with increasing contributions from our global Association members, the total is now more than US$250,000, an amount that could purchase US$8.9 million in items in the United States, based on Haiti’s cost of living. Covering nearly all their own travel expenses, our Association’s relief teams have been
delivering medical care and food in Carrefour and surrounding regions.

Correspondent (F): We’re here now with Jean Baptiste, who is one of the persons inside the camp. Now tell us, which is the most difficult thing you’re going through now?

Relief recipient (M): I can’t find anywhere to go to school. After that, I can’t do my best to help my family.
I have many friends, many people [I have] to help.

Translator (M): The problem is her house has collapsed. And she has nobody to answer to her needs.

VOICE: In addition to providing medical care at the Adventiste Hospital in collaboration with Active Community Teams Serving (ACTS), our Association’s relief teams are now working with physicians from Operation Hope to offer free medical treatment and medicines to victims in clinics and other areas in need.

Mr. David Canther, President and Founder of Active Community Teams Serving (ACTS) World Relief (M): Each day we have teams that go out in mobile clinics, visit the orphanages, meeting the children out there. We set a new record yesterday with over 1,100 patients.

Dr. Eddie, Operation Hope (M): We are going to wherever there is a need. Where people cannot really come to a clinic or hospital, we go to them.

VOICE: In addition, the meals provided by our Association’s cooking team have been gratefully received, especially with many victims having no previous access to food.

Correspondent (F): This is where the relief team is working day and night to prepare over 2,000 meals a day.

Mr. David Canther, President and Founder of Active Community Teams Serving (ACTS) World Relief (M): We’re thankful for uniting together. Also with cooking. It’s been a tremendous thing because you can meet the medical needs that go out but also you need food for the stomach.

VOICE: Relief recipients and fellow workers continually express their deep gratitude for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s timely aid.

Relief recipient (M): Yes, I’m so happy, I say thank you. You’re very important for Haiti, for me too, for my family, for the people who lost their families, in this country. I’m so happy for this help. Thank you so much.
Mr. David Canther, President and Founder of Active Community Teams Serving (ACTS) World Relief (M): I’d just like to say thank you, … Supreme Master Ching Hai, personally from my heart, for all the help that you’ve been able to give, to provide, and will continue to do right here in Haiti.

Dr. Eddie, Operation Hope (M): I sure would like to thank the Supreme Master Ching Hai. We thank you so much, we thank you from the bottom of our heart to be part of this relief effort, to help save most of our Haitian people who have been badly hurt. Thank you for your love.

Correspondent (F): Reporting for Supreme Master Television from Haiti.

VOICE: Our appreciation goes to all governments, individuals and organizations around the world extending their help to quake-stricken Haiti.

We also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her compassion, as well as our Association’s relief team for their dedicated efforts. May Heaven bless the Haitian people with a swift road to their wholesome lives, as we pray that humanity may be protected from such disasters through our gentle care of all people and our Earth.