Relief news update from Haiti - 10 Feb 2010  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Haiti.
It has been nearly a month since the destructive 7.0-magnitude earthquake caused hundreds of thousands of fatalities in Haiti. A recent miracle offered a ray of hope when 28-year-old Evan Muncie was rescued alive after being trapped in the rubble for four weeks.

His survival also reflects the deeper resiliency of the Haitian people who continue to face conditions such as homelessness along with lack of basic necessities and medical attention.  

Relief worker (non-Association member), Adventiste Hospital, Carrefour, Haiti (M): Where I’m living, all over this country, thousands of people, they don’t have food, water, house. Day after day, it’s getting harder for them to live. I would like Mrs. Ching Hai could send more people to help Haitian people and we really appreciate that.

VOICE: In her heartfelt concern for the Haitian people’s desperate plight, Supreme Master Ching Hai had donated an initial US$60,000 while calling on the medical professionals of our Association to go and help provide for the surgical and other needs of the victims.

With funds contributed by our Association members around the globe, the total donation is now over US$271,000, which could obtain US$9.7 million in urgent items in the United States, based on the cost of living in Haiti.

More of our Association members from various nations have continued arriving to respond to medical, nursing, translation and other needs, with most covering their own travel expenses.

Supreme Master TV (F): We’re here with our new crew members that have just arrived from the Dominican Republic. Have long have you been traveling?

Our Association’s relief team member (F): Two days and a half to get here. The roads are small and too many traffic; it’s very hard to get here.

VOICE: Meanwhile, our Association’s relief team members have been working tirelessly to offer their skills to patients.

Our Association’s dentist, Haiti (M): This is the post-op area. Most of these patients just went through extensive and intensive surgical treatments.

This is the floor of an outside building because we’re overflowing with patients. You can see a patient here, a patient inside along the hallways of the hospital. 

It’s dirty; it’s dusty; it’s very hot, humid, dust, flies, mosquitoes. Most of them they have to come back to the operating room for either re-infections or their health is not very well due to these conditions. Let me ask one
of  my patients I’ve been attending, see if  he would like to share  a story with you.

Patient, Haiti (M): During the earthquake a building collapsed on me. And then when I got out my foot had been broken. They took me to the hospital and people from foreign countries have come in a hurry to help us. I do appreciate their help. I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai.

I got that surgery on Tuesday. Now I feel better. We are sleeping on the street. We just take some blankets to do a small house to sleep at night, but if it’s raining, we are in trouble.

They give me something to eat in the morning, at noon, and in the afternoon. I get everything free; I didn’t pay anything for that. I’d like to thank Ching Hai Master. Thank you, Ching Hai Master,thank you again.

VOICE: In addition to medical services and wholesome vegan cooking at the main hospital in Carrefour, our Association’s relief team also brought aid to three shelters, one with 200 children, another with 150 families,and the third with 500 people.

Though the desperate situation had added to the tension, the people there showed relieved joy and expressed their appreciation to Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Relief worker , Adventiste Hospital, Carrefour, Haiti (M): Every time I ate it, I feel love. I use my voice just to tell that Haitian people love you.

And I think the words, it’s not enough to thank her for the donation. I’ve got a lot of people right here, they would like to say thank you. We’d like to say:

Relief worker, Adventiste Hospital, Carrefour, Haiti (M): Thank you. (Merci)
Relief workers, Adventiste Hospital, Carrefour, Haiti (M): Thank you for your help, Master Ching Hai!Hospital worker, Adventiste Hospital, Carrefour, Haiti (M): Ching Hai, we got all the food from her. We really appreciate that. And I thank all the doctors we appreciate that. It’s like tasteful food that is good, I really
appreciate that. See? Melon. Do you like it? (Yes! I like it!)
Hospital worker, Adventiste Hospital, Carrefour, Haiti (M): It’s good!
Hospital workers, Adventiste Hospital, Carrefour, Haiti (M): Thank you, Ching Hai! We love you!

Supreme Master TV (F):Reporting from the Adventiste Hospital for Supreme Master Television, from Haiti.

VOICE: Our thankfulness goes to all countries, organizations and individuals who are extending their help to the people of Haiti. We are also grateful for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s caring support, as well as the sincere efforts of our Association’s relief team. May Heaven grace the Haitian people with comfort and strength
through these difficult times, as we pray for a world free of such devastations as humanity transition toward kinder, eco-conscious ways.