Relief news update from Pakistan - 3 May 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Pakistan.
Heavy storms and snow extending into March have caused at least 12 fatalities and affected several northern towns in mountainous regions.

A flood that struck Murree district particularly affected 3,000 families. Expressing her condolences and prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai had donated US$15,000, asking our Association members to assist those most in need.

This amount could purchase US$296,000 in essential supplies, if bought in the United States, based on Pakistan’s cost of living. Covering their own travel and related expenses of US$4,650, our Association’s relief team from Formosa (Taiwan) traveled to Islamabad as soon as possible, where they collaborated as in past relief missions with the local organization All Green and a representative from the United Nations.

In their evaluation, the relief team saw that families in the high-altitude Murree district had been provided food aid but were still struggling with below-zero temperatures. Three hundred village families thus received two blankets each, along with candies for the children.

Toheedabad village head, Pakistan (M): The Supreme Master Ching Hai team came here and supported and cooperated very much. People are very happy.

Zahid Ali Shah – Volunteer, All Green, Pakistan (M): It has been a very good experience, there's a relief team from Supreme Master Ching Hai coming here very often and supporting the most vulnerable people of Pakistan, which has been a very kind support for the people.

On behalf of all the people here, in my country and people, all my brothers and sisters, I dare say thank you very much to Supreme Master Ching Hai and the relief team. Master Ching Hai, we love you!

VOICE: With appreciation for All Green, the United Nations and other personnel who have been helping the Pakistani people, we also join in thanking Supreme Master Ching Hai for her caring assistance, and our Association’s relief team for their efforts.

Our prayers for the protection of the storm- and cold-affected and that all may strive for gentler environmental care to avert such dangerous extremities through more stabilized conditions on Earth .