Relief news update from Nepal - 18 Jun 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Nepal.
In an incident of extreme winter cold this past February in southeastern Nepal, Supreme Master Ching Hai reimbursed our Association's relief team US$4,000 for the purchase of warm blankets for those in need.

Upon hearing later of the same community's desperate lack of other necessities, Supreme Master Ching Hai in mid-April made a second donation of US$10,000.

The combined US$14,000 could purchase US$553,000 in emergency items if obtained in the United States, based on Nepal's cost of living.

Per Supreme Master Ching Hai's request, urgently needed items were provided as soon as conditions permitted for about 240 homeless families in Sunsari District, as directed by the local Red Cross Society.

The families had been living in tent-like shelters ever since losing their homes and crop-raising livelihoods in a 2008 flooding of the Koshi River.

Relief recipient (F): Now, even if we want to produce, nothing grows in this sand. No irrigation, not much drinking water as well.

VOICE: Upon the families' request, the relief team distributed mosquito nets for the summer along with food items, including rice, legumes, oil and salt.

Through the organized assistance of local leaders and police, with national and local media groups covering the event as well, villagers joyfully received the aid, including families with many children as well as weak elderly living alone.

Relief recipient (M): Thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai!

VOICE: With thanks to the local community leaders, police, and the Red Cross Society, we also join in appreciation for Supreme Master Ching Hai's unconditional support and the caring efforts of our Association's relief team.

May the vulnerable Nepali people safely recover their productive day-to-day lives as we pray that such extreme weather events subside through humankind's shift to gentler lifestyles.