Relief news from the Philippines - 18 Aug 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news from the Philippines.
At end of June 2011, flash floods swept through Davao City in Mindanao after heavy rains caused the Pangi River to overflow, with floodwaters reaching as high as three meters.

As the rains also triggered landslides, at least 30 fatalities were reported, with 15,000 families affected and some 7,400 people rendered homeless.

Upon hearing of the disaster, Supreme Master Ching Hai had immediately donated US$10,000 with all her love and prayers, asking that our nearby Association members please go to comfort the most vulnerable.

This amount could acquire US$135,000 in urgent necessities if purchased in the United States, based on the cost of living in the Philippines.

Flying from Manila, our Philippine Association members reached Davao and, with the assistance of officials from the Department of Social Welfare and Development, began relief operations in the affected area where more than 3,000 families were staying.

Although various organizations had donated food supplies, the flood victims were still in dire need of other daily necessities as well as housing materials to rebuild their damaged homes.

Relief recipient, Davao City, Philippines (F): This is the highest level of water that I ever experienced. Along with the damages, we had many injuries and many deaths in our neighborhood.

And we were very scared because the barangay officials could not rescue us due to the strong currents of water. The rear part of my house was swept away by the floods. And when we went across, the water level was already up to our neck. We were very scared.

VOICE: Our Association members purchased blankets, mats, towels, mosquito nets, detergents and bath soaps for 1,000 families. The Department of Social Welfare and Development officials were surprised and delighted, saying it was the first time that the storm victims would be receiving these kinds of goods.

Maria Luisa T. Bermudo, Department Head, City Social Services and Development Office, Davao City, Philippines (F): We are really thankful here in Davao City for the response and help to the flood victims. Thank you very much to Supreme Master Ching Hai for sending a team.

Relief recipient, Davao City, Philippines (F): Thank you very much. Especially to Supreme Master Ching Hai. Thank you.
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VOICE: Our appreciation for the caring assistance of the Philippine officials as we also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her heartfelt aid and our Association’s relief team for their loving efforts to comfort the affected.
Wishing the Philippine people a swift recuperation of their regular day-to-day lives as we pray for the cessation of such disasters through humanity’s more considerate care of the ecosphere.