More lives lost to H1N1 virus worldwide - 28 Feb 2011  
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More lives lost to H1N1 virus worldwide. As influenza activity in the US continues to increase, the US state of Oklahoma has reported three more deaths from the A/H1N1 swine flu strain, raising the toll to 15 since September 2010. In Asia, Hong Kong hospitals announced two more swine flu fatalities on Thursday, February 24, the latest of 22 victims in Hong Kong this year, while three new serious cases of the illness were confirmed within two days, with one patient in critical condition. Just the week before, the Department of Health said that a 33-year-old man was Hong Kong’s 10th patient to suffer from a strain of H1N1 with Tamiflu resistance. A 51-year-old woman in western Georgia became the 14th swine flu fatality in the South Caucasus country on February 21. Also that day in Greece, officials warned that 12 people lost their lives to the H1N1 strain within 24 hours, raising the European nation’s swine flu fatalities to 100 this season, with 127 more people hospitalized across Greece.

Our appreciation for the health officials and personnel working to ease the suffering and stop the spread of swine flu as we send our sympathies for the lives that continue to be sacrificed to this disease. May the day come soon that such illnesses are no more as we turn away from the inhumane and unhygienic raising of livestock to adopt only wholesome vegan alternatives instead.

Foreseeing this tragic event Supreme Master Ching Hai had designed the Alternative Living flyer some years ago and asked our Association members to distribute it worldwide since:,,_Prevention,_Preparedness/Acute_Disease_Service/Disease_Information/OK_Flu_View.html