Smoking during pregnancy harms the circulation of the unborn child - 31 Dec 2011  
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A study conducted with 259 children by scientists at the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands has found that children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy have artery walls that are thicker and stiffer compared to the children whose mothers did not smoke.

Thicker arterial walls are said to increase the risk of developing heart disease and obesity. Published in the journal Pediatrics, the study, which began in December 2001 and is still ongoing, also found that the children's arteries are thickest when both parents smoked during pregnancy.

To better convey the dangerous health risks of such intoxicants, Kirov Military Medicine Academy in Russia has sponsored a unique exhibition and has been inviting visitors from around the world to view actual preserved human cadavers and organs affected by tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Telo Cheloveka (Human Body) Exhibition includes graphic displays of babies who sadly did not survive birth or died in the womb, with various birth defects that are due to the mothers’ use of alcohol or illegal drugs.

In addition, human lungs are shown that reveal their sensitivity to varying degrees of exposure to tobacco smoke.

Tour guide - Telo Cheloveka (Human Body) Exhibition, St. Petersburg Russia (M): These are standard lungs, nice and beautiful, look, they are normal.

These are lungs of a rural non-smoking person. These are lungs of a non-smoking city-dweller, a non-smoking city-dweller, meaning that all people living in mega cities have these kinds of lungs because of the pollution, a lot of cars, a lot of dust, of course.

These are lungs of a so-called passive smoker. One-two cigarettes a day or s/he goes to the smoking room with others. And this is our main feature. Lungs of an active smoker who smokes a pack or two a day. So you see they are black. They filtered through around 100-150 liters of acetone and they are still black, still black inside.

VOICE: Many thanks, Kirov Military Medicine Academy and researchers in the Netherlands, for your work in raising awareness on the severe damage of smoking to ourselves, our children, and others.
May the realization of the tragic consequence of all addictive substances encourage safe and intoxicant-free lifestyles for all.

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