World Water Week begins in Sweden - 8 Sep 2010  
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Beginning Sunday, September 5, the Stockholm International Water Institute-hosted World Water Week was launched, with a focus on the role of climate change in creating water pollution with a theme of “Responding to Global Changes: The Water Quality Challenge.”

Around 2,500 experts, politicians, public figures and business people are participating in discussions on how to address growing water scarcity and the roles of urbanization, agriculture, industry and climate change in depleting clean water supplies. Opening the forum, Stockholm International Water Institute Executive Director Anders Berntell highlighted the importance of preserving water quality as he stated that impure water causes more deaths than malaria, AIDS and wars combined.

Meanwhile, World Water Week director Jens Bergren emphasized solutions in saying, “There is really no physical water shortage in the world. It is how the water is managed that is the big problem, and that is something it is possible to change.”

Our appreciation, World Water Week participants, for your commitment and shared expertise.
Wishing the best in finding effective solutions that help ensure adequate supplies of this vital resource for people across the globe.