Tainted beef sickens at least twenty-four - 30 Jun 2009  
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Tainted beef sickens at least twenty-four.

In what is now the seventh widening of scope since May, a Colorado meat company in the United States has updated its recall to include over 400,000 pounds of beef products that are suspected of contamination by the potentially deadly E.coli bacterium.

At least 18 illnesses so far have been linked to the meat, which has been distributed nationally and internationally. According to the US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the type of E. coli bacteria that causes illness in humans comes from the intestines of ruminant animals, mainly cattle, and can result in symptoms ranging from intestinal disorders to kidney failure that can result in death.

Recently, members of the media such as independent journalists, Dan Flynn and Andrew Shain at The State newspaper in South Carolina have requested that the public be informed of retail locations receiving the tainted products.

Caring Journalists, we laud your request for the release of information that would enable greater protection of public health. At the same time, we pray for humanity’s quickly advancement towards the more assured safety and manifold benefits of the plant-based diet.


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