Russian classical films are made freely available online - 11 Jun 2011  
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The renowned film company, Mosfilm, has agreed to make some of its best-known movies accessible at no charge to global audiences on YouTube, a video-sharing website.

Viewers throughout the world will be able to watch legendary masterpieces, such as the 1930s popular musical comedy “Volga Volga” and the 1969 film “White Sun of the Desert,” a favorite of cosmonauts to watch before their space journey.

The Mosfilm studio’s YouTube channel,, is posting five films with subtitles every week, with the plan of making available 200 films in high definition by the end of 2011.

Thanks so much, Mosfilm, for sharing these timeless treasures. May we learn more of the immense creativity and beauty of Russia’s rich heritage through the fabulous art of film.
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