Six-year-old Canadian boy raises funds to help a baby recover her health - 15 Jun 2011  
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Dmitri Rosescu of Regina, Saskatchewan found out from his mother that nine-month-old Emma Predinchuk has leukemia and must have a bone marrow transplant. While waiting for a suitable donor, Emma is required to take medicines that are not provided by the healthcare system.

A few days after learning these facts, Dmitri began drawing pictures to raise funds. His sisters and neighborhood children later joined him in the endeavor. Dmitri, who has CAD $249 in his Emma jar, said, “I’ll keep on going until Emma gets better.”

Bravo, Dmitri Rosescu and young helpers, on your compassionate hearts. We pray that baby Emma soon receives her needed medical care and has a long, healthy, and grace-filled life.
Supreme Master Ching Hai is gifting Dmitri Rosescu with CAD$5,000 to support his life-saving cause, with lots of hugs and kisses.
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