Chinese college students recycle to help Tibetan orphan - 17 Oct 2011  
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Wishing to encourage fellow students from rural areas in Tibet toward a goal of staying in school, ten sophomores from Yangzhou University began gathering recyclables, with funds donated to help young Tsering Gyatan, an orphan they had learned of who lives with his grandmother.

Carrying large sachels and going door-to-door for the recyclable bottles and other items, the students have been dubbed the “Sack Brothers” and have gained national attention and online supporters.

Heading the endeavor is student Li Sheng, who said that he thinks recycling is better than donations or charity sales because it also fulfils a social responsibility to the environment.

He also expressed hope to expand their efforts, saying, “I believe we can... help more Tibetan children.” Bravo and our heartfelt thanks, Li Sheng and fellow good Samaritans your kindhearted help.
Blessed be such benevolent examples as yours in inspiring us all toward a more loving, giving and green world community.

Upon hearing of the students' compassionate initiative, Supreme Master Ching Hai pledged US$5,000 to share with their help, with thanks and all her love. 
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