Capital punishment halted in Oregon, USA. - 27 Nov 2011  
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In the western US state, Governor John Kitzhaber has announced a moratorium on all executions during his time in office. Speaking of two capital punishment sentences that had been carried out during his initial time in office, the governor said, “I do not believe that those executions made us safer and certainly they do not make us nobler as a society. And I simply cannot participate once again in something I believe to be morally wrong."

He went on to convey his hope that this action would bring about a larger reevaluation of the capital punishment system.
Oregon now becomes the fifth US state to impose a moratorium or outright ban on the death penalty, joining Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York.

Our respectful accolades and admiration, Governor Kitzhaber, for your just and humane decision. May the day soon come when such a spirit of forgiveness prevails across all societies.
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