SOS Aquecimento Global - Cientistas sobre Mudança Climática 

Where Disasters Strike Hard:The Mass Animal Slaughter Link - P2/2
Climate Change and Global Public Health: A Direct Connection
A Climate Warning: Catastrophic Floods in Australia
Livestock Raising: Devastating Forests and Driving Climate Change in Australia and Beyond
Disappearing Before Our Eyes: The Grave State of Arctic Ice
Veli Albert Kallio: The Link Between Receding Glaciers and Natural Disasters
Dr. Peter Carter’s Zero Carbon World
Dr. John Church: Sounding the Sea-Level Rise Alarm
Dr. Peter Raven on the Planet’s Biodiversity Crisis
“Beyond 4 Degrees” Dr. David Karoly’s Assessment of Climate Change
Professor Barry Brook on the Climate Change Crisis
Culprit of the Fast Disappearing Global Biodiversity: The Livestock Industry
Professor Saleem H.Ali: Green Trends in Pakistan and Sustainable Use of the Earth’s Resources - (In Urdu)
Climate Change – Expert Perspectives from Formosa (Taiwan) (In Chinese)
Learning From the Past:Mass Extinctions and Global Warming with Dr. Peter Ward