Relief news update from Pakistan - 29 Nov 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Pakistan.
On October 23, a powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck the high-altitude Hindu Kush region, triggering a landslide that caused at least five fatalities in remote northern Pakistan.

Supreme Master Ching Hai immediately asked that our Association members please go help the most vulnerable, offering US$10,000 in emergency aid. Upon receiving our Formosan (Taiwanese) Association relief team’s November 16 report, which indicated that more help was needed, she donated an additional US$10,000, while conveying her love and prayers.

The combined US$20,000 amount could obtain US$328,000 in essential items in the United States, based on Pakistan’s cost of living. Covering their own travel and related expenses of US$2,560, our Association’s relief team from Formosa (Taiwan) responded to an SOS text message received from Mr. Sohail of Swat Valley. Mr. Sohail, who had watched Supreme Master Television, wished to ask Supreme Master Ching Hai for food relief in his area, which he said was desperately without provisions.

On November 17, the team arrived in Khwazakhla, where they delivered 450 relief packages containing sugar, lentils, rice, salt, oil and flour. They also met the very grateful Mr. Sohail. Escorted by army personnel, the relief team then delivered another 450 packages to victims in Matta with a remaining 100 packages given to Pakistani soldiers who offered to deliver them to the extremely remote areas.  

On November 20, our Association’s relief team traveled to another mountainous disaster area, where they sent 1,000 relief packages with army personnel to travel to the very faraway communities. Along with their help in bringing goods to unreachable disaster areas, the army also prepared vegan meals for the relief team. Throughout the trip, our Association members distributed 5,000 Urdu SOS flyers, including to the soldiers, who expressed their deep interest and offered to help pass them out.

They were also assisted by Mr. Abid and Mr. Shahzad of the non-governmental organization All Green.
Mr. Abid, All Green, Pakistan (M): I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai to help our people. Thank you very much! Thank you! We send our appreciation to the loving Pakistani soldiers as well as Mr. Abid and Mr. Shahzad of All Green for their assistance.

Our thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her attentive care of those in need, and to our Association members for their diligent endeavors. With Allah’s blessings, may such disasters be eased as humanity steps together toward kinder, eco-stabilizing future.