Relief news from the United States - 7 Oct 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news from the United States.
Major floods on September 8 following rains from Hurricane Irene had wreaked havoc in the lives of some 130,000 residents in several northeastern US states, with at least five fatalities in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and emergency evacuations along the Susquehanna River in both Pennsylvania and New York. 

Victim (F): We woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning. The sheriff said, “Get out.” We went to Johnson City School. And it was hard.

Victim (M): You get sick to your belly thinking about it, wake up at night thinking about the mess you got. All the work you’ve got.

Victim (M): This was the bathroom. All the walls had to be ripped out, everything. The insulation has to be replaced. My mom lost all her clothes and belongings. (Supreme Master TV (F): I'm sorry.)

VOICE: Supreme Master Ching Hai asked that our Association members please go if possible to assist the flood-stricken as she offered US$20,000, with all her sorrowful prayers and love, for those most in need. After assessing the situation, our Association members from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts joined together on September 24 to render aid in the most heavily stricken parts of Pennsylvania and New York state such as Johnson City, where they cooperated with the efforts of a local church.

In addition to helping clean out the damaged house of an ill victim in Johnson City, the relief team prepared 500 vegan sandwiches along with survival kits containing sleeping bags, blankets, socks, and other materials.

Relief recipient (F): My sister’s on oxygen, I have asthma, we can’t breathe in this kind of air, and if it wasn’t for you people, I don’t know how it would have gotten cleaned.

Relief recipient (M): Special thanks to the Master. This is unbelievable. At this time in my life, It’s going to really help me out. It’ll get me through the mess a little bit easier. (hugs)

Elderly relief recipient (F): (tearing) This is so much help. Thank you.

VOICE: Some of the most desperate households and elderly victims also received cash aid, while all relief recipients were also given SOS flyers explaining the way to prevent such extreme weather tragedies.

VOICE: With appreciation to the church personnel and all others helping the flood-stricken, we also join in thanking Supreme Master Ching Hai for her compassionate aid, and our Association’s relief team for their on-the-ground efforts.

We pray for the restoration of regular lives to the affected communities and for the easing of such calamities through our shift to more caring lifestyles as a vegan world.