Relief news update from Yemen - 2 Nov 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Yemen.
At the end of August, the Yemeni governorates of Al-Mahweet, Hajjah, and Najran were inundated by heavy rains and rockslides that collapsed many homes and took the lives of at least 17 people.

On August 31, Supreme Master Ching Hai offered US$15,000 in emergency aid, an amount that could purchase US$294,000 in relief items in the United States, based on the cost of living in Yemen.

Expressing much love and sorrow, she requested that our nearby Association members go to help if needed, especially those people who had lost loved ones, the elderly and any others in desperate situations.
Our Association’s relief team from Malaysia travelled to the affected villages on October 18, covering their own expenses. As most were located in remote and hilly regions, with no proper roads, it took several days to finally reach all the flood victims. Distributing monetary aid to 152 families, the relief team said many were overjoyed as they could now repair their damaged homes and meet other needs.

Children were also very happy to be given treats. The relief recipients requested that their heartfelt gratitude and love be conveyed to Supreme Master Ching Hai.In the old city of Sana'a, the team was able to seek out victims of the disastrous floods of October 2007, many of whom were widowed and with families still in need of assistance.

Our Association’s relief team was able to deliver financial aid to six families in Sana’a and also to one man in Al-Mahweet who had lost his home and family members in a gas cylinder explosion tragedy.

They also distributed SOS fliers and SOS DVDs to students and the teaching staff at Sana'a University to inform them of the vegan solution to avoid the unfortunate disasters of global warming. The operation went smoothly over five days with the assistance and enthusiasm of a local driver, who also served as guide and interpreter.

Our gratitude for the ready help of the Yemeni driver in securing smooth transport and communication.
We are also thankful for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s care for the most vulnerable, as well as our Association’s relief team for their sincere endeavors. May Heaven bless the Yemeni people with a smooth recovery of their productive daily lives as such calamities subside through humanity’s joined efforts
toward a kinder, eco-balanced Earth.