Relief news update from Niger - 5 Nov 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Niger.
In August and September, heavy floods left tens of thousands of people uprooted from their homes in Mauritania and Niger. Especially hard hit was the Tahoua area in southeastern Niger, where 87,000 people were affected as more than 12,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.

On September 5, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated US$15,000, conveying her heartfelt sympathy and prayers. This amount could purchase US$504,000 in emergency items if acquired in the United States, based on the general costs of living in Mauritania and Niger.

Using US$700 of their own funds for travel and related expenses, our Association’s relief team from the neighboring country of Benin purchased foods such as beans, maize, rice, salt, sugar, and vegetable oil, along with blankets, dishes, mats, and soap. The local residents and government officials expressed their gratefulness to Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Mayor Mr. Ibrahim Dankassou – Bambeye, Niger (M): I would like to thank the Association for their assistance to this population who is truly a victim of the flood.

VOICE: In addition, the honorable Mr. Oudou Ambouca, prefect of Tahoua in Bambeye, Niger, sent the following letter of appreciation:

“…On behalf of the people I represent and my own name, I pray you find here, Supreme Master Ching Hai, our gratitude for your material and moral support.”