Relief news update from China - 8 Nov 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from China.
A 5.0 magnitude earthquake on November 2 struck China’s Binchuan and Xiangyun counties of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. Some 280,000 less fortunate people were affected, with 28 sustaining injuries as 30,000 homes were damaged and over 1,000 collapsed.

On November 3, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated US$15,000 for those in need as she conveyed much sorrow and her prayers. This amount could purchase US$117,000 in emergency supplies in the United States, based on the cost of living in China.

As per Supreme Master Ching Hai’s frequent requests for situation updates, the following is our Association’s relief report via Foreign Group.

November 3, 2009
Most beloved Master,
Re: earthquake relief work in Yunnan Province, China With Master’s love, our native relief team has arrived in Binchuan. According to the local government officer Mr. Gao, there were enough tents, quilts, clothes and rice for the victims. However, some residents still need food and some students are unable go to school
as the classrooms were damaged. We are planning to provide more material help to the families most in need and visit some schools to offer what we can. We sincerely pray for Master’s blessing for this relief work.
Thank you so much, Master!
Yunnan Relief Team

VOICE: Supreme Master Ching Hai responded as follows:
Pure hearts,I am sending an extra US$20,000 to repair classrooms.
With love,

VOICE: We are appreciative of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s permission to share this update with our global viewers, and to our Association’s Foreign Group for providing this report.
Our gratitude, Mr. Gao and other local government personnel, for your swift initiatives to help the affected. We are also thankful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her thorough care and benevolence toward the vulnerable, and to our Association’s relief team for their prompt efforts to help.

May Heaven bless the affected Chinese people with a quick return to their stable daily lives, as we strive to foster a gentler, more balanced eco-sphere.