Relief news update from India - 13 Nov 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from India.
On October 6, India’s northern Bahraich city in the region bordering Nepal was struck by a cyclone that brought incessant rains, flooding the Saryu River.

Some 200 people were affected with at least 12 who sustained injury as homes and land were washed away. On October 9, Supreme Master Ching Hai requested that our native Association members please go quickly to help, adding that those affected were already the less fortunate villagers.

Conveying her deep sorrow and much love, she also donated US$15,000 for assistance, an amount that could purchase US$243,000 in supplies if acquired in the United States, based on the cost of living in India.
In accordance with Supreme Master Ching Hai’s frequent requests for updates, the following is our Formosan (Taiwanese) Association’s relief report via Foreign Group.

November 10, 2009
Most compassionate Master,
Re: Flood relief work in Bahraich, India On October 17, our team from Formosa embarked for the relief work, covering our own travel and related expenses of US$1,419.

We first went to Bahraich city, located at the border of India and Nepal, where they seldom receive assistance. We distributed the needed items of foods, seasoning, clothes, utensils, etc. to 2,000 of the most affected families in Pipri, Mahsi, and Silauta.

Our special thanks to Bahraich Lions Club, who gave us huge support with their selfless dedication for the relief work. After knowing our purpose, they were very touched by Master’s unconditional love and joined us for this mission.

Thank you, Mr. Vinod Agarwal, the Chief of Lions Club, Mr. Sardar Jagat Jit Singh, and other local officers. Thank you so much, Master, for your love and wonderful arrangements to make this mission possible.
Deep gratitude from Association members in Formosa

VOICE: Our gratefulness to Supreme Master Ching Hai for permitting us to share this update with our concerned viewers, and to our Association’s Foreign Group for providing this report. We appreciate the altruistic help of the Bahraich Lions’ Club We also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her wholehearted aid to the most vulnerable, and our Association’s relief team for their earnest endeavors. As humanity extends greater warmth and care to one another, may such weather extremes be eased.