Relief news update from Italy - 22 Nov 209  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Italy.
On October 1, the Italian island of Sicily was swept by heavy rains that claimed at least 28 lives and hospitalized 40 others. More than 1,200 people lost their homes when buildings were inundated or collapsed, while some areas were isolated by mudslides. On October 3, Supreme Master Ching Hai requested that our native Association members go to comfort and help with whatever was needed, while conveying her sorrow and prayers.

She also donated US$10,000 for those who had lost loved ones, such as the orphaned, the elderly and those injured without help. As Supreme Master Ching Hai frequently asks for updates, the following is our Association’s report via Foreign Group.

November 15, 2009
Most compassionate Master,
Re: Relief work in Sicily, Italy From November 1 to 7, our Association’s relief team from Italy and Bulgaria went to the region of Giampilieri Superiore in Sicily, Italy to offer Master’s aid and comfort to the victims of heavy floods and mudslides. We found that of the eight flood-stricken villages, four were okay, with no people or homes were affected. Although local governments had already provided shelters for the afflicted, many people had lost their jobs or needed financial help.

Our relief team first met four of the most desperate families who had lost loved ones, homes and jobs all at once, and gave them each €800, along with vegan chocolate treats, SOS flyers and veg recipe flyers, etc.
Then, our team went to all the hotels with affected villagers and gave them chocolate treats as a symbolic gesture of Master’s love.

We also provided requested items such as soap, baby clothes and toys as well as financial help for those who had lost loved ones or jobs, suffered injuries, or had many children. The many elderly people and youngsters in the hotels were so eager to talk to us.

There were 250 villagers staying in a hotel 50 kilometers from Giampilieri Superiore, including 100 children. Our relief team made a chocolate party for them because they mainly needed love and comfort.
One of the boys celebrated his upcoming birthday by laying chocolate on a piece of bread and lit candles. It was very touching. The lady who assisted us said that we came at a good time, as help had stopped arriving and people still needed it. We are so grateful to Master for her caring concern and love that eased these suffering hearts.

Thanks Master from the bottom of our hearts!! With our deepest love,
Bulgarian and Italian relief team

VOICE: We appreciate Supreme Master Ching Hai’s permission to share this information with our global viewers and thank our Association’s Foreign Group for providing this report.

Our gratefulness to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her timely support that consoles the vulnerable, and to our Association’s relief team for their assistance. Wishing the Italian people a soon return to productive normalcy and that weather disasters as these are alleviated through humanity’s gentler, eco-balancing ways.