Online TV Help

Online TV Help

How do I download Windows Media Player? Step 1: Check Your System (for Windows) Click the Start button on your taskbar, slide the cursor to the Find or Search option and select files or folders. Then type in "Windows Media Player" and hit return. If you're already equipped, the software should appear in a window. Step 2: Downloading Bring up the Microsoft Download Center site -- http://www.microsoft.com -- and select the software version and OS platform that you desire. Step 3: Saving And Installing Save the Windows Media Player software to your desktop. Once it's there, quit your browser, then double-click on the Windows Media Player icon, and follow the instructions. The installer will suggest a default directory in which to install the player.
I have Windows Media Player, and I still can't see the video. Try updating your browser and Windows Media Player to the latest version. Internet Explorer updates are available at http://www.microsoft.com, where you can also look for other updates to your system.
Why does my online TV look choppy or keep buffering during playback? Mainly, your internet connection speed is not enough to watch our online TV or this can be due to Internet congestion near your area or our server network . Please try to play the online TV at a later time or at an off-peak time such as early in the morning or late at night.
I want to watch the videos in a bigger window. We offer video in three resolutions
  • 200kbps(320x240 video, 40kbps 32kHz audio): for mobile phone or slow internet, subtitles are not very clear, however, the audio quality is better than the "300kbps steaming".
  • 300kbps(360x270 video, 16kbps 16kHz audio): Normal Quality, the most clear subtitles of the three, even more clear than 400kbps
  • 400kbps(480x360 video, 48kbps 44kHz audio): High Quality, the best audio quality of the three.
To see the video in full size just double click on the screen - no matter in which quality you are watching Supreme Master Television - and press "Esc" on the keyboard to return to normal size I have a Mac, and I can't watch the videos. Please visit the below address ,where you can get all information for Windows Media Player for Mac users: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/otherproducts/ otherproducts.aspx?pid=windowsmedia Or download below softwares: Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X Flip4Mac
How do I watch Supreme Master Television with my mobile phone? Phone Requirements
There are two types of cell phones that are guaranteed to work right out of the box:
  1. Pocket PC Phone: running Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile or Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC operating systems.
  2. Windows Smartphone: running Microsoft 2003 with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile or Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone operating systems.
A listing of some compatible models is displayed at the end of the article. There are a lot more models that might work when additional software is installed.
In addition to the phone itself, a subscription to the cellular carrier's Internet plan is required. There are per-kilobyte plans and unlimited plans. For watching Supreme Master TV, it is highly recommended to use an unlimited Internet plan, sometimes called unlimited data plan.
For better viewing quality, please make sure your cellular carrier supports at least one of the following faster Internet services: EV-DO, UMTS, or HSDPA. In addition to that, the following two are also usable, though slower: 1xRTT or EDGE.
Another factor is the phone's processing speed. The faster the processor, the smoother the video playback. The minimum is a 200MHz processor, but 400MHz processors or faster ones are preferred for smooth video playback.
The signal strength of a location will also affect the available Internet speed and thus the video quality.
Steps for Watching Supreme Master TV online.
Here we use a Windows Pocket PC Phone as an example, to demonstrate how to use it for viewing the online broadcast. If you want to see how to use a Windows Smartphone for viewing the online broadcast, Please vist following address http://suprememastertv.com/mobile/instructions.php
  1. On your Pocket PC Phone , go to "Start" and select "Internet Explorer ".
  2. Then enter the URL" http://suprememastertv.com/mobile" on address bar and then press Enter
  3. Click "205kbps" to watch Supreme Master TV .
  4. The player will take a few seconds to load the video and start playing. If it doesn't play in full screen, you can select "Menu" and then "Full Screen". Then the video will be played back on the entire PDA screen as shown below. ,Or if you want to use Window Media Player directly
  1. On your Smartphone, go to "Start" and select "Windows Media". image1
  1. You will usually see the "Library" screen immediately. If not, simply select "Menu" and then "Library". image2
  2. On the "Library" screen, click "Menu" and then "Open URL" . image3
  3. Then enter the URL as shown below. Normally, it is mms:// Once you have entered it, it will become a default setting. Next time if you want to watch Supreme Master TV, you don't need to enter it again. image4
  4. After you have entered the URL, click "OK" and the player will take a few seconds to load the video and start playing. If it doesn't play in full screen, you can select "Menu" and then "Full Screen". Then the video will be played back on the entire phone screen as shown below. That's it. image5 
Note: Pocket PC Phone also works similarly. The most important thing is to enter the correct URL. Visit the below site to see how to browse the Web on your Smartphone. Visit the below site to see how to browse the Web on your Smartphone. http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/ e/f/4eff9f7c-be82-43b7-9c58-a9e076ba47b3/Internet_SP.pdf
Compatible Models
These cell phones meet the basic requirements for watching Supreme Master Television. Some models provide better sound quality; some models provide smoother playback. Please visit below site to see compatible Models of each country: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/devices/default.mspx
Pocket PC Phone
Windows Smartphone
United States
Verizon Wireless
XV6700 Palm Treo 700w Samsung SCH-i730
Motorola Q
Palm Treo 750 Cingular 8525
Samsung BlackJack
Palm Treo 700wx Sprint PPC-6700
Motorola Q
(T-Mobile USA doesn't have high speed Internet.)
T-Mobile MDA Compact ll T-Mobile MDA Vario T-Mobile MDA Pro
Orange SPV C600 Orange SPV M5000
O2 XDA IQ O2 XDA Mini S O2 XDA Exec
Vodafone v1240 Vodafone v1640 Vodafone Palm Treo 750v
HP iPAQ hw6900
   Sopcast is now for you to watch and enjoy SMTV
   System Requirement
A. System Requirement

To run the SopCast Software, the following requirement is needed:
1. Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Linux. See detail.
2. At least 64M System Memory, 128M System Memory is recommended.
3. At least 10M Harddisk space.
4. Install Microsoft Media Player 9.0 above RealPlayer or other media player which can play streaming.

B . Install and Uninstall

Current SopCast provide two kinds of program, SopCast and Webplayer (ocx) plugin. SopCast include 3 component, SopPlayer, SopServer and WebPlay. SopPlayer for viewer, SopServer for broadcaster and WebPlayer for web viewer.

1. Install ocx plugin

This client is designed for web viewer. It include only a WebPlayer. Download SopCastOcx from http://www.sopcast.com/download/SopCastOcx.zip. After unpack it with Winzip or Winrar to a directory with the default SopCastOcx, run setup.exe.

2. Uninstall ocx plugin

Uninstall ocx by click "uninstall" in program menu.

3. Install SopCast
This file includes SopPlayer, SopServer and WebPlay. Download SopCast.zip from http://www.sopcast.com/download/SopCast.zip . Unpack it with Winzip or Winrar to a directory and run Setup-SopCast-version.exe to setup with default choices. The WebPlayer will be installed automatically also.

4. Uninstall SopCast

Uninstall SopCast by click "uninstall" in program menu.
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  Sopcast is now for you to watch and enjoy Supreme Master TV