Relief news from Pakistan - 1 Oct 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news from Pakistan.
From July through September, heavy monsoon rains triggered floods in both northeast and southern Pakistan, at least 50 fatalities and tens of thousands displaced.

With all her love and prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai had donated an initial US$10,000, followed by another US$15,000, for a total of US$25,000, while asking that our nearby Association members please help the most vulnerable. The combined donations could obtain US$494,000 in emergency aid if bought in the United States, based on Pakistan’s cost of living.

Arriving in the country and having covered their own airfare and accommodation expenses of nearly US$9,000, our Association’s relief team from Formosa (Taiwan) checked for the areas of most need and formed a three-phase plan. Their first stop was Muzafarabad in the northeast.

With the help of Messrs. Abid and Raja Shah of the volunteer group All Green, our Association’s relief team became aware that although the disaster victims had received food aid, many were still suffering due to the mountainous region's freezing rainy weather. The nearly 400 blankets they purchased for the residents were initially distributed by All Green until the relief team was granted access to join them.

As the elderly, women and children community members each received an extra blanket to ensure their warmth, they expressed their joy and gratitude.

Next, the relief team visited the Kurran camp for residents displaced due to internal conflict, many of whom had suffered injuries or loss of loved ones.

With Supreme Master Ching Hai’s loving aid, the team bought 2,650 kilograms of rice for these victims, which was delivered by local friends who drove seven hours to reach the camp.

It was at this time that more flooding swept through southern Pakistan, affecting some one million people. With Supreme Master Ching Hai’s additional US$15,000 donation, the relief team traveled to the affected region as soon as possible and acquired over 5,300 kilograms of rice for more than 500 families in the seriously afflicted city of Badin.

Due to internal conflict there, however, they were instructed to leave for their safety and they therefore entrusted the remaining half of the food distribution, along with the remaining US$5,000 for further aid, to the relief team’s local collaborators.

Our appreciation Pakistani All Green volunteers for your kindhearted help as we also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her detailed, loving assistance and our Association’s relief team for their caring efforts.

Wishing the flood-affected residents a steady return to their regular daily lives as we pray that such events are alleviated through our kinder treatment of the ecosphere.