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Marian Fischer Boel – EU food & Agriculture Minister (2001-2010)
We can see that the number of obese and overweight young people is increasing dramatically. The figures are alarming.

Michelle Obama – US First Lady
Right now, 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese. When we see these rates increase and all the illnesses that result from obesity whether it’s cancer…

Justine Henin – Former World no. 1 Tennis Superstar
Heart disease, high blood pressure, this is a very serious business.

President Evo Morales of Bolivia (in Spanish)
Sisters and brothers, when we talk about chicken, the chicken that we eat is loaded with hormones.

Hermanas y hermanos, cuando hablamos del pollo, el pollo que comemos esta cargado de hormonas.

Rory Freedman – Bestselling author on vegan diet, USA, Vegan (F):
It's important for the public to know exactly what it is that they are eating and how it's affecting their health.

Lisa Lange, PETA Senior Vice President of Communications (F):
Animal products are linked to heart disease and diabetes. For kids, it’s early onset diabetes in addition to allergies of all kinds.

Neal Barnard, M.D. – Founder and President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), USA, Vegan (M):
When you look at kids, one in three will get diabetes; one in five has an abnormal cholesterol level. The good news is there are more people who are aware than ever before and are trying to eat in a better way. Plant-based diets, they’re good for everybody and especially good for kids because it helps them stay slim and healthy.

Dr. Michael Klaper – Vegan medical doctor and author, USA (M):
High blood pressure comes back down to normal. Blood sugars and adult-onset diabetics returns to normal. Sore joints go away. These fearsome diseases I was taught never go away, they actually will if you change your food stream to a plant-based diet. The more plant-based the better and the ultimate plant-based diet is the vegan diet.

Tony Gonzalez, US National Football League (NFL) player, Atlanta Falcons (M)
We only get one body so you might as well make sure you take care of it.

Justine Henin – Former World no. 1 Tennis Superstar
Get involved. Serve yourself a healthy plate of fruit. Simple changes can have an impact on your health.

John Salley – 4-time US NBA Champion
Being a vegetarian to me was my edge: the way I was going to be ahead of the next guy trying to get my job, the way I was going to be ahead of the guy I had to play against. He couldn’t beat me as long as he was harboring tons of flesh in his stomach at that time.

Pamela Anderson – Vegetarian (F):
I’ve never really had to exercise before and I think partly because of being vegetarian. I just think it’s really important to eat the healthiest you can if you know what’s healthiest for you. It’s obviously a non-animal diet.

Michelle Obama – US First Lady
Vegetables and fruits fight diseases like cancer and heart problems and they have a lot of vitamins in them too. That’s what we want you all to think; that vegetables and fruits are the power to a good future. And quite frankly, healthy good food tastes good.

Marilu Henner - Actress and author of “Total Health Makeover”, 2010 Voice of Compassion Award, Vegan (F):
Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. Change your palate, change your life and you just have to learn to love the food that loves you.

US Congressperson Dennis Kucinich, Vegan (M): I think the next step is for the Congress to move forward to look at prevention of disease, which inevitably leads quite quickly to food, nutrition, diet.

Tom Vilsack – US Secretary of Agriculture
And I just left the President’s office and we just signed the “Agricultural Appropriations Bill” which includes additional resources to assist us in providing more fruits and vegetables.

Cloris Leachman - Academy Award-winning actress, Vegetarian (F):
Once you don’t eat meat anymore, you can’t imagine how you could ever have done it.

Maggie Q – Actress; Mission Impossible III(F):
It's a no brainer! You have environmental, social, health, humanitarian, you name it, there's an issue there. And so, there are many good reasons to live this way.

Alicia Silverstone – Hollywood actress, Clueless, author of The Kind Diet, Vegan (F):
I think it’s really beautiful and amazing that the food that heals us, nourishes us, gives us our best selves, is also the same food that heals the planet and is kind to other creatures. It just so happens to be a win-win for everyone.

Shaun Monson – Director of “Earthlings,” Vegan (M):
Everybody wins, really. All the Earthlings win.

Elizabeth Kucinich - Director of Public Affairs, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Vegan (F):
It’s a win, win, win situation: It's good for the environment; it's good for people; it's good for animals.

Lea Backes – Danish delegate, UNICEF Children’s Climate Forum Copenhagen 2009, Vegan, age 15 (F): I’m a vegan because I think we need to treat animals right, and because animal raising is affecting the climate radically. And because I think that it’s not okay to kill when you can live based on plants.

Aki – 4-year-old vegan, USA (f):
The fish and the pigs are my favorite.
Woman(F): Yeah. Why don't we eat them?
Because we love animals. Because they don't like to get eaten.

Little girl - Vegan daughter of The Raw Divas founder Tera Warner Canada:
I just find it so cruel the way people treat animals. So I say if everyone decides to be vegan or raw, well there’d be no more slaughtering, no more fights, and no more pollution. And my dream world would be real.

Tony Gonzalez, US National Football League (NFL) player, Atlanta Falcons (M)
Hey, what’s up, I’m Tony Gonzalez from the Atlanta Falcons and I want to tell you: Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save Our Planet!

US Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Elizabeth Kucinich – Vegans (M,F):
Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!
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