Don Estes – Using the Science of Vibration to Expand the Human Potential    Part 1   
A lot of the work that I do here is helping people get back to the realization that there is a personal God and they can have as much contact to that as anyone else.

Welcome blessed viewers to Science and Spirituality on Supreme Master Television. On today’s show, we feature Part 1 of our interview with the vibrant Mr. Don Estes, an innovator who is the founder of InnerSense, Incorporated.

InnerSense is based in the United States and its mission is to research the effects of different types of vibration on the human organism, and develop technology to apply and utilize such effects. Don Estes says he has created transformational technologies to help people transition from their current state to a more highly elevated self. Music, sound, light and the essence of humans are vibrational in nature. His VibraSound system is designed to help people relax, heal their body, expand their mind, and enhance the constructive qualities within.

In Revelation, in the last book of the Bible, John says that he was standing in the throne room and he said that he heard voices and thundering coming out of the throne. He called it the “River of Life” that proceeds out of the throne. The way I see that is that River of Life is really this vibrational spectrum that we see. It exits out of Paradise and goes out and fills up the whole Universe.

With InnerSense’s Harmonic Resolution Therapy, a form of biofeedback, Mr. Estes’ goal is to induce a four-step process of change within people so they can reach their full potential.

Well, during the actual therapy itself it’s more of a mixture of relaxation, to inspiration, to excitement, stimulation and that sort of thing. It’s generally after the actual therapy itself when people actually start realizing what it has done to them and how it’s changed them. And basically they would become aware of four things.

First thing would be acknowledging the need to change; they suddenly start realizing that, “Hey, there are some things in my life that I really need to change.” The next step is, “I’ve got to give up the resistance to this,” because there’s usually a lot of resistance to the change.

The third one is probably the hardest part and that’s the removal of any unwholesomeness that’s in the way of making the change. And that’s usually why most people actually don’t make changes because that’s the hard part of giving up the thing that’s in the way.

It could be a lifestyle that you don’t like to eat right, or you don’t like to drink enough water, or whatever it might be.

The fourth step is actually stepping out into the change.

Mr. Estes now provides more background on Harmonic Resolution Therapy.

All human suffering stems from the difference between who a person says they are and who they really are.

Everything out there, every object, every person that you see out there is partly actualized but partly still hidden potential. And the difference between the actual and potential parts of someone creates a tension and acts like a black hole that begins to pull in people and circumstances and situations in an attempt to try to resolve that tension.

And so we have a technology that we are able to actually measure the difference between the actual parts of a person and the potential parts of a person and we get a ratio and see what that ratio is. And then we have a biofeedback technology where we can feed one of those signals into one ear and the other one into the opposite ear and force the brain into resolving the difference between those two signals.

Learning from the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto who found that water crystals can reflect the vibrations created by our thoughts, words and messages, Mr. Estes uses water as a key component of effecting constructive change within those undergoing the Harmonic Resolution process.

When you have the person like this and you’re asking them to transform their actual and their potential, basically what you’re doing is you’re transforming the water that is inside of them and not the elements that’s inside of them because it’s the water that holds the order. It’s the water in you that’s programmed to look like you and to think like you. And the water that’s in me that makes me look like I look.

We have this device that’s called a P.E.A.K. Alembic, that basically instead of having the sound come down to two earphones in each ear, the sound comes down to two 24 carat gold rods that hang down into a reaction chamber of water. And the process asks the water to do the same thing that we’re asking the person to do back there.

And the water begins to cavitate and implode inward on itself and go to its next highest level of water which is vapor and it tries to escape the planet but we capture it and then we re-constitute it back into liquid form. And we know that the water now carries with it the experience that it has been through, which its basically acknowledging the need to change, giving up the resistance, removing the unwholesomeness, and purifying itself and then going into the next level. And so when the person drinks this it basically has the resources of having made the journey.

When we return, we will have more from our fascinating interview with Don Estes. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Ok, this is our premier device here; this is called Vibrasound. This is a fluid transducer (of course) that actually turns your body into a speaker.

Welcome back to Science and Spirituality. Don Estes, founder of InnerSense, Incorporated draws on the vibrational structure of the Universe to help his clients realize their full potential. He now explains more of the scientific and spiritual aspects of the therapies he uses.

I call this chart “The Absolute Scale of Relative of Cosmic Reality” and it was an illustration for a book that I wrote called “Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration.” It looks kind of complicated but it’s actually not, it’s more complex than it is complicated. It’s very simple really; it’s really just a scale of frequencies. The problem is that most scientists believe that the spectrum ends at radio waves and doesn’t continue on.

But we’ve been able to show how it does continue on, out of radio waves into sound and finally into gravity at the other end, and it terminates on this end at the gravity constant. When you follow it around to the highest frequency end of the scale you get to the quantum constant. And here you can see a 92 key, keyboard; here’s the range of a dolphin and a whale speaking. Up here is the periodic chart of the elements. Up there are the primary particles; over here are all the astrological cycles of planets and stars and star systems and galaxies and that sort of thing.

So basically it’s just a spectrum, a scale of vibration from the lowest frequencies to the highest frequencies. What I discovered was that it terminates at both ends by what I call the “Absolute Nature of Reality” as opposed to the “Relative Nature of Reality.” And the Absolute Nature of Reality is basically split into two different aspects, one is personal, the other is non-personal.

So way around on this side of the chart you have everything that has already actualized as a personal reality in the Universe. Whereas all the way around on the other side are impersonal things. Also you can see that all the way around on the left side, this is everything that has already actualized in the Universe, whereas all the way around on the other side, is everything that’s still potential in the Universe, and hasn’t happened yet. So this is where I got the original idea that human beings and God and the Universe are split into these two realities, part of it is actual, part of it is still potential.

As many spiritual traditions teach, Don Estes also sees our thoughts as creating our reality.

The interesting thing is, is that between the time that you have a thought, at the beginning of the next moment and actually realize it down here with your brain waves, about a tenth of a second goes by. And during that tenth of a second all of the primary particles and the atoms and the molecules and the cells and the tissues of your body get that information before you do. So it’s very easy to see from this how we create our own reality.

An electron for example, in that one tenth of a second that it takes you to realize that you’ve had a thought, an electron in your body goes through something like several thousand years of its own relative time, so it has all the time in the world to manifest what it is that you’re thinking about there. So it’s very easy to see how we create our own reality.

Mr. Estes now provides further explanation of his chart that displays his conception of the Universe.

Human beings are down in this area of the chart. And this is the first chart I’ve ever seen that has, instead of having God at the top and man at the bottom, this has God at both ends and man in the middle. So what I learned from this chart is that everyone is encircuited from one end to the other.

You have all of these frequencies inside of you, all the primary particles, the atoms, the molecules, the cells, the tissues, the organs, the organisms, and then hooked up through the silver cord to all of your ancestors and things, all the way back to the very beginning of time. So an individual is encircuited from one end of this scale to the other end of the scale.

To bring it all full circle, Don Estes’ therapies make use of this schema of the Universe to design technologies that help his clients transform their lives.

On the left hand side of the chart, this takes music and breaks it down into the music microstructure of every single little component in music that can be modulated or manipulated. And it shows the biological, the mental, emotional and the spiritual effects of modulating that particular microstructure.

So a musician could take this information and begin to write designer music that would have a specific effect on a person. And then down here, shows how light and sound and color and vibration all relate to each other. And how sounds and colors and lights and all are basically the same thing, they’re all just different levels of vibration.

We thank Mr. Don Estes for his elevating work uses the science of vibration to expand the human potential. Please join us next Monday on Science and Spirituality for Part 2 of our program featuring the thoughtful Don Estes. For more information on Don Estes, please visit

Bright viewers, thank you for your gracious company on today’s episode of Science and Spirituality. Coming up next is Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News. May you always find peace within.
And so spirit is something that reveals the value of things. And I just found the way of taking physical, material things and discovering what is their spiritual essence, and then combining those two together until I have spiritual technology.

Welcome thoughtful viewers to Science and Spirituality on Supreme Master Television. Today’s show features Part 2 of our interview with the vibrant Don Estes, innovator and founder of InnerSense, Incorporated.

InnerSense a company based in the United States, studies the effects of different types of vibrations on the human organism, and develops technologies to apply and use these effects. Mr. Estes says he has created transformational technologies to help people move from their current state of being to a more highly elevated self. Music, sound, light and the essence of human beings are all vibrational in nature, and Don Estes’ VibraSound system uses vibrations to help people relax, heal their bodies, expand their minds and enhance their constructive qualities within.

With InnerSense’s Harmonic Resolution Therapy, a form of biofeedback, Mr. Estes’ goal is to induce change in people so that they can reach their full potential and find their life’s purpose.

It all comes down, basically, to vibrational science and the fact that when we were in high school and they were trying to teach us trigonometry, they didn’t really quite understand the essence of the mathematics that they were using. And actually, trigonometry turns out to be a type of math that describes the triune nature of reality, where you always have two opposites of any given thing.

But then there’s a third position that resolves the difference between those two opposites, and you’ll remember the terms sine wave and cosine (Right.) wave and hypotenuse but they never really told us exactly what those were.

But using a super computer we’ve been able to determine what those actually are. The sine wave is the part of the wave that comes from the instrument, whereas the cosine wave is the part of the wave that comes from the player of the instrument.

The third position, what Mr. Estes calls the “complex,” is composed of the real and the potential as assembled by the mind. However, this is not a truly harmonious state, so his therapy seeks to help clients resolve the difference between the actual and potential. The therapy begins with voice or aspiration analysis. Mr. Estes says that by listening to signals based on this analysis clients can be put back into balance.

We actually have the same frequency in each ear, but they’re out of phase with each other. This one’s carrying the cosine wave and this one’s carrying the sine wave. So they’re out of phase with each other and the brain has to resolve that phase difference. And that’s called binaural phasing instead of binaural beating.

So whatever the two ears are hearing has to be shared across the corpus callosum between the brain hemispheres, and it basically results in some kind of a whole brain synchrony of asking the brain to resolve the difference between these two signals, one from the left side and one from the right side.

Harmonic Resolution Therapy involves multiple components that together help bring about full transformation in a person.

There are three main sensory mechanisms. Most people are now familiar with NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is a science that describes the three main sensory modalities, which are auditory, kinesthetic and visual. And so our process involves all three of those and it synchronizes the visual component with the auditory component and with the kinesthetic component.

And basically what it does is it gets rid of that part of the mind that’s always looking for either threat or novelty. If you give it what it wants, if you give it safety and security and you give it sensory resonance to where everything that it’s experiencing adds up and makes sense and fits the picture, that part of the mind will move out of the way. And instantly the mind will go to higher states, feelings of peace and well-being and connectedness and that everything’s okay.

Mr. Estes will now show us an example of the Therapy’s visual component.

We have a technology that we’re able to actually create a visual picture of the sine wave and the cosine wave using standard engineering terms. I’ll put it over here on this computer screen so you can see it.

So this we call a spectral essence matrix of a human being, where each one of those pixels there is one of the frequencies out of the person’s voice and its spread out there according to its sine wave and its cosine wave coefficients, and the color of each one of those pixels is its phase.

And as you’re watching this, as you’re looking at this and watching it, the computer actually is disassembling that and reassembling it in every possible combination. So as a person sits and watches this for a few minutes, they basically see themselves taken apart and reassembled into every possible combination that they can be with what they already have. So this would be the color therapy of the visual aspect of the technology.

After these messages, we’ll see a brief demonstration of a Harmonic Resolution Therapy session. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. You again are lying down on a warm, liquid table that allows you to feel the vibrations of the sounds run through your body.

What I do here is basically 180 degrees out of phase with the typical healing paradigm, because that typical healing paradigm says let’s find what’s wrong and fix it. I find what is right and try to enhance it, rather than find what’s wrong and try to fix it.

Welcome back to Science and Spirituality. Don Estes, founder of InnerSense, Incorporated, draws on the vibrational structure of the Universe to help his clients realize their full potential. Mr. Estes invited our Supreme Master Television correspondent to try the equipment used in Harmonic Resolution Therapy.

Okay, have a step into the therapy room. This is the VibraSound system. And you see it’s a fluid transducer so it basically turns your body fluid into a speaker as you lie down on it. (Okay) So if you (will) slip your shoes off and then lie down with your head at that end.

It’s nice and warm.

Yes, the table is heated. This little guy just floats right there, (Okay) he has a little transducer in him as well. And I’m just going to put a little cover over your feet.

You’ll notice the screen is floating above your head. You’re going to start out with your eyes open watching the screen. (Okay) And if we had done the therapy on you, you would actually be seeing those mandalas and stuff here on this.

I’m just going to show you a little bit of a video now. (Okay.) You’ll start out with your eyes open. I’m just going to run that for three minutes, and then this screen is going to go blank like it looks right now. And then when that happens, I want to ask you to put these glasses on. What happens is it has little light diodes in it, and it actually plays the frequencies of the music onto the closed eyelid, and it turns on the screen that you used when you’re dreaming.

Okay, so we’ve just put a person on the system. I’ve turned the system on; I’ve explained to them all the particulars of what they need to be doing during the session. And I will be participating with them. I’ll be watching them and listening to them, and I’ll be changing music for them. I’ll be fading back and forth between one piece of music and another piece of music and if they had a voice analysis, I would be feeding that into the process as well.

So this will go for about 40 minutes, and then we’ll give them a few minutes to integrate, and then I will go in and get them and bring them back out and we’ll discuss what it was that they experienced back there.

As we learned last week, Mr. Estes uses water that’s been through a special process as a key component in effecting constructive change in those who experience Harmonic Resolution Therapy. The creation of the water, called “Transformant,” mirrors the therapy that clients undergo as the water is “asked” to transform itself and reach a higher level.

What we do is we can take a person’s voice and then we can split that into actual and imaginary potential, and put it into these two gold rods and ask the water here to do the same thing that we’re asking the person to do, to resolve the difference between those two signals. And what happens is for about an hour the water just puts up resistance, just like a human being does. (It) says, “No, I’m not going to do that.”

But we keep asking, keep asking and keep asking, then finally the water reaches some kind of threshold where it gives up all the resistance to the change, and it begins to cavitate and implode inwards on itself, and it implodes, creates a tremendous amount of heat, vaporizes itself, and the vapor tries to rise up and leave the planet.

But up here in this condenser we capture that, and we solidify it back down into a liquid, and over here we bottle it. When a person actually drinks this water, they get the resources that they need for the transformation to the next highest level of order. For the water, that’s from physical liquid into a vapor essence. For a human being it would be from a physical, material, evolutionary, creature into an existential spiritual essence.

I can’t ask the person to take that whole journey in one session with me, but I can ask the water to do it, and I can push it across the veil to where it basically dies and passes over to the other side, but I resurrect it and pull it back yet it remembers the essence of that journey: how to acknowledge the need for change, how to give up the resistance to the change, how to remove the unwholesomeness and purify itself and go to its next level of order.

So this part of our process actually adds into the other process as to providing dedicated support for somebody going through the harmonic resolution process.

We sincerely thank Mr. Don Estes for his pioneering work using the science of vibration for human transformation. Let’s all soon reach our highest potential! For more information on Don Estes, please visit

Thank you, tranquil viewers, for joining us on this edition of Science and Spirituality. Up next is Words of Wisdom after Noteworthy News. May all beings on our planet be in harmony with the Universe.

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