Simple practices to help alleviate swine flu - 4 Nov 2009  
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With a third of the world’s population expected to contract the swine flu virus, Germany’s Technical Inspection Authority (TUV) has recommended that people consume at least two liters of water each day to strengthen the immune system.

The TUV also suggests a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and long walks that boost circulation. Dressing warmly and taking warm baths can also promote circulation and build immunity. The basic precaution of maintaining good hygiene through such practices as washing hands frequently is also advised.

Meanwhile, the swine flu has spread swiftly throughout the Ukraine, with 67 deaths reported so far due to associated severe respiratory problems. The country has issued an urgent appeal for medicines and medical equipment for treatment, saying that 8,000 are currently in need of hospitalization or hospital treatment. In addition, the government ordered a three-week closure of schools and cinemas to halt the spread of the disease.

Other countries that have reported new deaths, ranging from infants to elders, include Syria, Egypt, China, Kuwait, Turkey, Afghanistan, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom and Jordan. In all, there have been 6,171 swine flu fatalities officially reported by more than 180 countries. The number of people infected with swine flu globally is said to increase too quickly to count.

Our hearts go out to all countries facing the many serious outbreaks of swine flu, and especially to the families of lost members. Our appreciation, German Technical Inspection Authority, for your immune-boosting tips. We further encourage adoption of the humane and nutrient-rich vegan diet, which shields from diseases by replacing the food system that incubates such harmful pandemics.