Swine flu severity intensifies with signs of mutations – 22 Nov 2009  
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Swine flu severity intensifies with signs of mutations.



According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, within one days reporting period, recorded swine flu fatalities worldwide jumped by 135 to a total of 7,431. At the same time, the official tally for both death tolls and overall infections are much smaller than actual occurrences, which have gone unreported for some time. For instance, it was recently announced that since August 2009 nearly 2 million people have been infected with the swine flu in France alone.


Meanwhile, researchers in Norway have identified a swine flu virus mutation in three patients, two of whom have died, and the third who is severely ill. British health officials are also concerned about a Tamiflu-resistant form of the virus which appears to be spreading person-to-person among gravely sickened patients in a Wales, UK hospital. In Âu Lc (Vietnam), health officials report that although swine flu has decreased as a percent of flu cases to 60 percent, the cases being seen are more severe and people are becoming critically ill faster. Fatalities rose to 42 in Âu Lc (Vietnam) over the past week, to 28 in the Netherlands, 344 in Ukraine, and 543 in India.

Denmark, Lithuania, and Macedonia each reported a first pandemic-related fatality.


We send our condolences to the still-increasing number of bereaved families. Our prayers that such viruses cease to plague us through the elimination of the animal farms that breed them, and our own healthful and caring adoption of the plant-based diet.