Swine flu deaths jump by at least a thousand in a week - 30 Nov 2009  
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With the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recording an official total of 8,452 swine flu fatalities around the world, the World Health Organization announced that deaths increased by 1,000 in the past week alone. Both organizations acknowledge that these reported numbers represent but a fraction
of the true total.

Meanwhile, many countries report a continuing rise in fatalities, including 17 new deaths within one week in Spain. A fifth Hajj pilgrim loss was reported  in Saudi Arabia, while fatalities in Canada were up nearly ten percent in just days, for a total of 309, as officials in Alberta warn of a potential third wave of the pandemic.

South Korea noted the first suspected case of a re-infection, and in Egypt, where 2 more deaths were just recorded, a 3-year-old child was found to have contracted bird flu due to contact with dead or sick poultry.
With both swine and bird flu being strongly linked to animal farming practices, experts continue to be concerned about a more lethal mutation emerging from a combination of the two viruses.

In Japan, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases reports that children between 5 and 9 comprise the largest group of people battling swine flu, with over 470,000 children visiting medical centers in the last week with flu-like symptoms.

We join the world in praying for the end of this pandemic and the halt of future tragic diseases that arise from raising animals for food. To end the ongoing threats and horrors of meat production to our families, let us quickly choose the safe and nurturing organic vegan diet.