Threat of more severe swine flu continues – 6 Dec 2009  
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Threat of more severe swine flu continues.



Animal-to-human transmissions of pathogens are the leading source not only of food poisoning, but also viral diseases such as the swine flu, which are subject to constant mutation, especially with the presence of animal farms.


The UKs Chief Medical Officer Liam Donaldson said his greatest fear is a swine flu mutation this winter, which is likely to occur among infected pigs in a farm. Swine flu-infected pigs have been detected most recently in Germany and the United Kingdom, adding to those already found in Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Iceland, Ireland, Formosa (Taiwan) and the US.


Meanwhile, the newly perished have also been reported around the world, bringing the official global fatalities to 11,717, with some of the national totals being 32 in Formosa (Taiwan), 24 in Egypt, 243 in Turkey, 9 in Slovenia, 606 in India, 200 in China, 66 in Israel and 113 lives lost in South Korea. Both official fatalities and cases are considered a severe underestimate of the actual frequency of swine flu illnesses.


Our hearts and prayers go out to all victims of swine flu whose continuation need no longer be tolerated. May the end be now for all diseases arising from meat production as we fill our plates instead with wholesome, vital plant-based fare.