Swine flu fatalities continue to mount - 18 Dec 2009  
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The swine flu death toll is still climbing globally, having officially reached 19,711 in about 200 countries. However, this number reflects just a fraction of actual victims. For instance, physicians in Uzbekistan have estimated several hundred people may have died due to swine flu, although official records are not being kept.
Similarly, in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that updated estimates of swine flu deaths had climbed to around 10,000, with the number having doubled after a new way of tallying accounted for more states.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 70 percent of fatalities in Europe occur along with underlying chronic illnesses. Among the countries with most recent deaths, Poland reported an increase to 73, 69 in Israel, and Turkey announced 415 after 62 new patients, including 27 pregnant women, succumbed to the virus.

Our prayers continue to be with those mourning loss as well as all who are suffering from this tragic pandemic. We look forward to the time when diseases borne of meat production are a thing of the past, and organic vegan agriculture is instead the norm for the safety and health of all.