Swine flu pandemic far from over - 20 Dec 2009  
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In a press conference on Thursday, World Health Organization (WHO) Special Advisor to the Director-General on Pandemic Influenza Dr. Keiji Fukuda stated that the H1N1 swine flu pandemic is likely to continue to circulate for a number of years.

He explained that there are still high levels of viral activity in European and central Asian countries such as Russia, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Kyrgyzstan. In some regions such as North America and some parts of Europe, swine flu activity appears to have passed peak activity. However, Dr. Fukuda stated that this is no reason to lower caution.
Dr. Keiji Fukuda – World Health Organization Special Adviser to the Director-General on Pandemic Influenza (M): One of the big questions which is still before us is whether we expect to see yet another wave of activity occur or perhaps at late winter or in the early spring months and the answer right now is that we simply are not able to answer this question.

VOICE: To date, at least 19,839 swine flu deaths have been officially recorded worldwide since April 2009, although the WHO states that actual cases, including those resulting in fatalities, are hugely underestimated. Deaths recently rose to 50 in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and 119 in Germany. In a one-week period, 25 lives were lost in Canada, and 116 people perished in China, where the total reported toll is 442.

Dr. Fukuda, World Health Organization and all others working to inform and assist those in need, we appreciate your efforts as we also send our condolences and prayers to all the families who have been afflicted by this disease.

May the ongoing risks of this pandemic and new future influenzas be halted through the closing of factory farms that too often breed them, along with adopting the safe organic vegan diet.