Offline power plant in Florida, USA keeps water warm for manatees - 10 Jan 2010  
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The state’s largest power utility, Florida Power and Light, has installed a special temporary heating system as it undergoes modernization to protect manatees residing in the region’s coastal waters.
Despite the recent cold snap, temperatures for the endangered sea mammals has thus remained temperate, with some 400 manatees gathering around the outlet on Florida's Intracoastal Waterway.

Company spokesperson Sharon Bennett said, “The water that discharges into the area where the manatees gather comes out at 92 degrees Fahrenheit... It's very comfortable for them and they enjoy it." The company has been working closely for several years with environmental organizations to offer the manatees protection
in waters throughout the state.

Our accolades Florida Power and Light for your kind efforts in providing a haven for our marine friends during the colder months. Blessed be the manatees to flourish in the protected and safe waters of Florida, USA.