Costa Rica honored with biodiversity award - 28 Oct 2010  
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At the COP10 global summit on biodiversity in Nagoya, Japan, the Central American nation was recognized by the Germany-based charity World Future Council with the 2010 Future Policy award for her innovative and effective protection of nature’s wealth. A law enacted since 1998 nationwide has directed taxes on energy-
consuming activities toward preservation of natural reserves as well as promoting clean air, fresh water and other eco-friendly endeavors.

One significant benefit has been the growth of forest cover, noted to have risen from 24% in 1985 to close to 46% today, as landowners are paid to preserve old-growth trees and plant new ones.
With a goal of being the first developing nation to meet United Nations biodiversity commitments, Costa Rica has also established a national commission that brings together scientists, civil servants and indigenous representatives to collaborate with the government and encourage eco-education among the public.

Mario Fernández Silva, ambassador of Costa Rica at the Japan conference reflected on the honor of the award, saying, “We feel a strong sense of responsibility about looking after our wealth of biodiversity.

Our attitude is not progressive, it is conservative. We remain optimistic, but … Costa Rica is so tiny. We need a planetary answer.” A big accolade, Ambassador Silva and Costa Rica, for your deserved recognition.
May such noble leadership indeed inspire and motivate many others toward similar preservation of all life in harmonious co-existence with Mother Nature.