Walruses endure mass migration due to melting ice- 16 Sep 2010  
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The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has announced the observation that between 10,000 and 20,000 mother walruses and their calves had to travel this summer to the Alaskan shore, because the ice floes, where they typically spend their time raising families, are melting so quickly that they can no longer support the walrus populations.

Geoff York, of the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) global Arctic program stated, “It's something that we have never seen before in this area.  As the ice decreases, the walrus are abandoning it earlier and earlier.”
A new report also found that 17 additional species are at risk of extinction due to global warming and effects such as melting Arctic ice. 

Our thanks, US Geological Survey, World Wildlife Fund and other participating scientists for this distressing alert to the adjustments being made by walruses and other Arctic animals as they attempt to cope with human-caused climate change.

Let us act swiftly to save all beings, including ourselves.  As on previous occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke with concern for the suffering of animal co-inhabitants during a May 2009 videoconference in Togo as she offered ways to explain the tolls of global warming to young people, who are key to the welfare of our planet’s future.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You can show how the migrating birds have to fly farther and farther to find a place to nest, and the polar bears swim longer and longer now because there is no more ice until sometimes they drown of exhaustion, or why the neighboring country has so many floods in recent years, so many disasters, etc.

Tell them how climate change is affecting real lives, real animals, real people, and their own lives as well. But it’s also important to show the young people that there is still hope; we can still save the planet.

It’s a chance to be true heroes, by being vegan and spread the news of this solution.