Whales assist in the world’s carbon storage - 19 Sep 2010  
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Researchers from the US and Canada recently published a report on the impact of whaling on the ocean carbon cycle in the international Public Library of Science, noting that the past century of killing the marine mammals may have released 100 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

Saying that whales are the “forests of the ocean,” study scientist Dr. Andrew Pershing of the University of Maine in the USA, stated that the cetaceans store carbon within their immense bodies.

When a whale dies naturally, it transports the carbon to the ocean depths, away from the atmosphere for up to hundreds of years. However, when whales are killed, this carbon is released instead. The scientists thus cite this as yet another reason that restoring whale and large fish populations should be a top priority for the balance of marine ecosystems and our planet.

Our sincere thanks, Dr. Pershing and fellow scientists in the US and Canada. May such efforts as yours help us appreciate the intricate harmony of nature so that we may more deeply respect and protect the life of the majestic whale and all beings.

During an interview published in the December 16, 2009 edition of The Irish Dog Journal, Supreme Master Ching Hai reiterated the vital role of our marine co-inhabitants, as well as humanity’s need to safeguard their welfare, and in so doing, the survival of the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Of course, animals also have very noble, vital roles in the physical realm. In the oceans, fish play an important role in quickly recycling nutrients in the ecosystem, which helps to sustain all the marine life.

Some of them are from higher levels of consciousness; they only came down in animal form to help humankind or other beings on Earth. You see, the seals and the whales emanate an incredible, great power of divine love, an unconditional love that could be likened to that between a mother and her child.

And it is this love that is sustaining our planet and keeping it from destruction up to now. So, we should never ever hunt and kill these noble, gracious helpers of humankind and the planet.