Mexican school children return turtles to the sea. - 30 Nov 2010  
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On Friday, November 26, in the Oaxacan city of Salina Cruz in Mexico, some 180 children ranging from preschool up to elementary ages helped return 4,100 Olive Ridley turtles to the sea in an effort to boost the population of the endangered species.

They were assisted by the Mexican Navy, which has been placed in charge of protection efforts and had incubated these eggs specially for their release back into the wild. Lined up in a row, the children helped the baby turtles on their way to catch the ocean currents and thus return to their native habitat.

Bravo Mexican Navy personnel and Mexico for engaging youths in these compassionate and life-protecting actions. May many other countries be similarly motivated toward such loving care of the cherished turtles and all life on our planet.,