Conservation efforts pay off for Mexican village. - 1 Dec 2010  
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With the region’s coral reef depleted and marine life on the verge of extinction, the people of Cabo Pulmo village in Baja California decided to give up their fishing careers and switched to eco-friendly tourism, offering deep sea diving adventures instead. They also petitioned the federal government to establish a marine protected area, which was accomplished in 1995.

With fishing now banned and the entire village population rallying for ocean conservation, sea life is once again flourishing, and Cabo Pulmo Marine Park is considered one of the most successful examples of marine conservation in Mexico.

Moreover, with the area being off the power grid, residents make use of solar power—a fitting energy source in a place where the sun is almost always shining.

We are touched by the loving efforts of the people of Cabo Pulmo to live in harmony with nature. May future generations continue to enjoy and share the wonders of the ocean to inspire many more toward similar care for our cherished marine co-inhabitants.