Study reveals climate change effects in northeastern USA - 30 Apr 2010  
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An analysis of 60 years of data from more than 200 weather stations in the US states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont found a predominance of extreme precipitation events, which are defined as storms that produced at least 1 inch of rain or its water equivalent in snow over a 24-hour period.

Researchers from the US-based organization Clean Air-Cool Planet and University of New Hampshire's Carbon Solutions New England stated that average annual precipitation also increased nearly three-quarters of an inch per decade over the 60-year period.

Although the storms and flooding in March that caused extensive damage throughout the northeastern states were not counted in the study findings, scientists say that these could easily be considered part of the global warming effect, with more in store if climate change continues.

Many thanks Clean Air-Cool Planet and University of New Hampshire’s Carbon Solutions New England for this revealing research. Let us swiftly adopt more sustaining lifestyles to stabilize the environment and preserve our precious Earth.

During a November 2009 videoconference in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai also addressed the increased threats induced by global warming while highlighting the most effective solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Some of the global warming effects that we hear about are a continued rise in the Earth’s atmospheric temperature, warming of the ocean, along with acidification, more frequent and stronger storms, prolonged droughts and intensified heat waves, soil desertification, plant and animal extinctions, and even melting of permafrost, which could trigger massive releases of more methane gas! That would be catastrophic beyond an unthinkable scale.  

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The rising intensity and frequency of storms comes from the warming of the ocean which changes weather patterns. Climate change is not an abstract concept at all. It is here and now, affecting our neighbors, affecting us, and more and more.

Supreme Master Ching Hai:  Researchers in the US came up with a simple comparison. According to calculations they performed, they concluded that eating a vegan diet for a year is more effective at cooling the planet than driving a hybrid vehicle for the same period of time.

So, the solution is very simple. We just have to turn away from the animal products. We stop eating meat, dairy, eggs, fish. If everyone does this, we will have a transformed world in no time.