Russia and Pakistan weather events linked to climate change - 22 Aug 2010  
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A statement from the World Climate Research Program, which is working together with the United Nations World Meteorological Association (WMO) in observing atmospheric changes and their connection to weather events, noted that the recent drought and heat wave in Russia originated from the same pattern of atmospheric currents as the massive Pakistan rains.

Joining these two disasters are other recent severe events, namely, the rain-related landslides in China and the splitting of a vast iceberg in Greenland.

All of these together form what the organizations say are an unprecedented sequence and magnitude of events that should be evaluated in unison rather than separately, especially as they represent effects of global warming and thus would be expected to occur more frequently if planetary temperatures continue to rise.

Scientists have also pointed out that the effects of these calamities are becoming increasingly severe. In the case of Russia alone, researchers at the nation’s Academy of Sciences noted that the heat wave as well as the polluted air from the forest fires caused additional fatalities in Moscow to double to a total of 700 people per day, with nearly 6,000 who perished during the month of July compared to the previous year.

After two full months of record high heat and more than 27,700 wildfires, it appears that temperatures will be returning to normal summer ranges.

However, with approximately 25% of the nation’s grain crops destroyed, a resulting ban on exports could significantly reduce the country’s income as well as causing shortages for other countries.

We are saddened by the suffering caused by these extreme conditions in Russia, as well as in Pakistan and China. Our prayers for relief to all the nations’ residents and long-term easing of these tragic events through lifestyle changes that help stabilize the planet's atmosphere.

As on many occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke with concern during an August 2009 videoconference in Thailand in cautioning of the devastating effects of climate change.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: If we look around, we can see the growing frequencies and strength of disasters everywhere. Flood events worldwide are now three times higher than in the 1980s.

In 2008, there were 40 category 5 storms, the most ever recorded including in the Atlantic, India and Bangladesh, and in the Philippines. It takes just one category 4 or 5 storm to destroy a major city, just one.

These are truly almost always the consequences of humans’ violent actions. The number 1 action is meat eating.  We can stop the disasters, make them go away for good, forever, if all of us switch to the organic vegan diet. Pray it be so.