Study confirms 160 years of warming trend. - 25 Dec 2010  
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In a recent report that compiled temperature data from over 20 institutions worldwide, the Met Office at the Hadley Center in the United Kingdom noted since the 1970s, global average temperatures have increased 0.16 degrees Celsius per decade.

While this rate slightly decreased to a maximum of 0.13 degrees from 2000 to 2009, overall temperatures during the last decade were still the warmest in the past 160 years. Contributing factors for this decade's apparent slowed rate could include an increase in fossil fuel-related aerosol emissions, pollutants that actually have a cooling effect.

Matt Palmer, ocean observations specialist at the Met Office, stated, “It is clear from the observational evidence across a wide range of indicators that the world is warming. As well as a clear increase in air temperature observed above both the land and sea, we see observations which are all consistent with increasing greenhouse gases.”

Our appreciation, Dr. Palmer and Met Office colleagues, for your comprehensive evaluation of data that confirms the continued danger of planetary warming. May more and more people join in the awareness and sustainable steps needed to reverse climate change.

During an interview published in the September 2009 edition of The House Magazine, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted, as on previous occasions, the predicament faced by humanity along with the most effective way to address this urgent matter.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : The pollutant known as aerosols, or particles released along with CO2 from burning fossil fuels, actually have a cooling effect. Some scientists say it is roughly canceling out the warming effect of CO2. Therefore, much of the warming we are seeing may actually be due to methane.

NASA scientists are paying increasing attention to another very serious source of global warming - that is, black carbon. It is 4,000-plus times more heat-trapping than CO2.

We must urgently address methane and black carbon, both outcomes of the meat industry, immediately we have to tackle it. I pray all wise leaders will halt the lethal meat practice, which is the main force driving us to the point of no return right now.

By all means, be veg as the first and foremost way to stop global warming.