Heavier winter precipitation becoming norm with climate change. -2 Mar 2011  
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The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) released a new report affirming that recent heavy snow storms seen throughout Europe, Mexico and the United States are linked to climate change.

Dr. Carlos Gay, coordinator of the university's Research Program on Climate Change, explained that heavier snowfall is consistent with the concept of global warming, because warmer temperatures cause more moisture to stay in the atmosphere, leading to increased precipitation.

In a colder region with low temperatures, the condensed moisture becomes snow instead of rain. These extreme precipitation patterns are also expected to continue because of the redistribution of water that is occurring as global warming causes moisture to be lost from polar regions due to ice melt.

This explanation of severe snowfall as seen in the northern hemisphere's 2010 winter season has been supported by Dr. Athanasios Koutavas, a climate paleontologist at College of Staten Island in New York, USA, who stated, “Globally speaking, the hydrologic cycle will intensify, with more evaporation, more precipitation... We are going to be getting more rain, and… the snow storms will deliver more snowfall than in the past. These are the general predictions, and this winter seems to speak to those trends.”

Many thanks, Drs. Gay, Koutavas and colleagues for aiding our understanding of the disturbingly unusual weather patterns experienced in many regions of the globe. Through such insights, may we rapidly adopt lifestyle choices that create fast-acting solutions to climate change.

In her efforts to uplift humanity, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often highlighted the underlying causes of these extreme global events, along with the urgent need for actions to halt them, as in an August 2009 videoconference in Thailand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : What's more, we have more reports of unending drought, freezing weather, storms and animal species and even plant and tree species slipping away faster and faster, because they are unable to withstand the global warming consequences.

These are truly almost always the consequence of humans' violent actions. The number 1 action is meat eating. So, we are grateful we have a few more days to help more of our fellow world citizens to change to the benevolent diet to save our planet.

But, these days are still numbered. We can't prolong forever. We can stop the disasters, make them go away for good, forever, make all the unfavorable situations, threatening weather go away if all of us switch to the organic vegan diet.