Top restarurants in Israel sign on for Vegetarian Mondays - 6 July 2009  
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Top restaurants in Israel sing on for Vegetarian Mondays

Inspired by the concept recently introduced to Britain and Australia by British singer-songwiter Sir Paul McCartney, Israeli owners of the food magazine "On the Table" Janna and Ilan Gur decided to launch a Vegetarian Monday project in Israel. With every restaurant they approached agreeing to sign on, there are now dozens of top eateries that have begun offering special vegetarian meals every Monday. Many have also expand their daily vegetarian offerings.Mrs. Janna Gur said, "Our initiative is part of a global effort to fight the environmental damages associated with meat consumption."

We laud your noble initiative, Janna and Ilan Gur and all the Israeli restaurants involved for your efforts to curbing global warming through introducing the delights of meat-free dining. May restaaurants everywhere be similarly motivated to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world.

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