New Loving Hut brings smiles to Formosa (Taiwan) - 5 Nov 2011  
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To support a growing consciousness and wish by more people to protect the welfare of the planet, the Loving Hut Nanzi Youchang was recently opened in Kaohsiung, Formosa. Vibrant and welcoming, this branch is a cozy and abundantly stocked grocery that offers organic vegan foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and other cruelty-free products.

Customer, Loving Hut Nanzi Youchang (F): When I came here, I found that they have a large variety of products. There are a lot of options. The staff is very friendly.

VOICE: As part of Loving Hut International, the world’s fastest-growing family of vegan restaurants, Loving Hut Nanzi Youchang follows the ideal of Supreme Master Ching Hai in offering ways for people to realize the ease and affordability of the wholesome, Earth-saving organic vegan lifestyle.

Csuan Lin Lee, Owner of Loving Hut Nanzi Youchang, Kaohsiung, Formosa (Taiwan) – Vegan (F): The founding philosophy of this store is to provide everybody healthy, organic, vegan goods in support of [Supreme Master Ching Hai's] long-advocated solution for global crisis – the organic vegan diet.  We hope that everything people use in their kitchen will be switched to organic.

Customer, Loving Hut Nanzi Youchang (M): Eating vegan food, or purer food, is very helpful to our thoughts. It helps us to become more positive.

VOICE: Hats off, Loving Hut, on another grand launch! We thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing her noble vision toward the betterment of our health and that of the planet. May appealing locales such as these continue to speed us toward a harmonious,abundant vegan world.

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