Groups in France appeal for students' well-rounded veg health - 8 Nov 2011  
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On the occasion of World Vegan Month throughout November, groups and people worldwide have been raising awareness about the benefits of plant-based fare as well as the detriments of meat consumption.

Seventeen organizations gathered recently in front of the French Ministry of Agriculture in Paris, seeking the repeal of a law that effectively removes standard vegetarian options in school menus across the country.

Over 6,000 signatures of concerned citizens were presented to appeal the measure, which mandates that meals served in school canteens contain meat-based products and that fish is served at a certain minimum frequency.

One group, the Citizens’ Initiative for the Rights of Vegetarians, noted that such a regulation does not allow fundamental individual liberties and the free exercise of conscience as proclaimed by the United Nations.
Vegetarian groups such as L214 have also taken up the matter with the French government's food agency, the Direction Générale de l’Alimentation.

Rally participant (F): This decree and order promotes a model of nutrition based strongly on the consumption of animal products and we know that this model is harmful to the animals, to the environment, to health, and to the sharing of resources with other parts of the world. And of course, when we take to the streets, when we go and meet people, we notice that people are becoming aware of that.

Sylvain De Smet – Regional councilor, Europe Ecology – The Greens (M): We could feed the entire planet with the same amount of vegetables, because as the animals are fed in order to produce a kilo of meat, more than half the population of the planet are suffering from malnutrition and dying of hunger. Let’s remember that not long ago, diseases that scared us, like H1N1, was also due to this type of livestock, a concentration of pigs and chickens. In the future, we may have an ecological disaster if we don’t change.

VOICE: Our appreciation, concerned groups as well as individuals in France, for voicing the truth about the cruelties of meat production and the importance of making wise food choices, especially at this urgent time for our planet. May schools and institutions everywhere support the freedom of being able to choose the optimal veg diet for our health, others, and the planet.

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