Hip-hop is going more vegan - 20 Nov 2011  
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In an interview with Caitlin Donohue of the US-based San Francisco Bay Guardian, acclaimed hip-hop and vegan jazz visual artist Justin Bua shared about his newly released portrait book, “Legends of Hip-Hop.” With a theme of describing the lives and careers of iconic emcees, DJs, producers, breakdancers, and graffiti artists, the volume has been written and illustrated by Justin himself.

Saying that he believes veganism is the ultimate expression of the hip-hop culture, Justin stated, “It's about having a clean head and mind.”

He went on to affirm hip-hop’s ability to influence change in the world through the plant-based lifestyle as he commented, “The ultimate form of respect is to not eat each other.”

Justin is currently on tour promoting his book along with pioneering turntable champion and fellow vegan, DJ QBert. A big cheers and congratulations, Justin Bua on your newest creative venture.

May your message of art and veganism inspire many toward this caring, vibrant and peaceful way of life.


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